Question from a new geek about pinching acrylic!


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Aug 1, 2007
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Hi everyone, would just like to say I have been reading articles on this site for a few days and it is a wealth of knowledge, cant believe I didnt find this site earlier, it has given me so much inspiration and ideas of where I would like my nail skills to be in a few months!

I have seen a few posts mentioning "pinching" but have never come accross this before, please can someone explain this to me?

I work with NSI attraction Acrylics at the moment - is pinching needed / beneficial with this system?

Vicki x
here is a post reguarding pinching
i personally dont pinch but mostly its used for competition nails to get a dramatic c-curve.
you have to know your system pretty well, as in cure times because if done wrong it can cause damage.
p.s welcome to the site hun xxxx
Hi Vikki welcome to the site.
pinching is when you pinch the two outside edges of the free edge between your thumbs or index fingers to give a nice "C " curve to the nail.It is mainly used after you have applied a sculpted nail, but I have heard of people pinching tips.
I hope this has answered your question..:)
And yes this site has many answers to any question that you might have..try looking through the tutorials or even do a search .You will find loads of information......
HI & welcome to the site!! I use NSI Attraction & don't find the need to pinch. As mentioned above its normally done for comp nails or when sculpting but I find when I sculpt if you get the right shape with the form you usually have a nice curve anyway!! HTH :)
Thanks everyone thats been really helpful - i guess thats why I have never heard of it if its mainly for competition. x

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