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Oct 3, 2003
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Please can anyone help???????????
How long should your brush last? I have the creative pro-styler in between size, and my applications are starting to go ridgy. I dont know why!!!!. I dont usually have problems. My brush does not feel like it used to though. I thought it might need replacing, have had it for a year now.
Hope someone can help!!!!!

I feel like a stranger haven't been on line for awhile, Working long hours with the run up to xmas. :rolleyes:
I replace my brush about once a year though I have gone longer.

Sounds like it needs a good clean or it is getting dried out and the hairs are splitting causing the ridges.

Treat yourself to a Master series Brush, then next year you will only have to change the head (half the price)!!
Where do you get those Geeg? Do you have a link where to buy them?

The Master Series brushes are a Creative product and you can buy from Designer Nails. 0113 275 5719 or any other Creative distributor. Initially they are dear, because of the mechanism for changing the heads, but the brush heads are very reasonable and you can use different ones on the same handle.

You are in Yorkshire. Why not pop in to the One Stop Nail Shop in Leeds. If you haven't been before, or are not a regular customer, bring your certificate with you. If you have bought before they will have a record of you.
Thanks Geeg,
Yes you are right now i come to think of it, my brush does feel dry and the bristles are separating.I do clean it regular, perhaps i am over cleaning it. I also keep my brush in a brush box to keep the dust at bay.
If your mix ratio is correct, your brush really doesn't require more than a rinse in clean monomer (not gunky monomer, ...but then if your mix is right, your monomer won't be gunky) squeeze out any excess and store flat in your box.

Exces cleaning in any other fluid, will cause the brush hair to dry out and to split eventually. Think what would happen to your hair if you cleaned it in acetone on a regular basis?? Not a good idea.
Hi Geeg
I do clean my brush in momomer, but what i think the problem is, i leave my brush to soak for a while in the monomer, is this wrong thing to do?
I thought this would get my brush really clean. :?
Soaking in monomer will not hurt your brush.

It has done well, and so have you, if it is a year old. I think you deserve to treat yourself to another.
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