Radbrook college?

hi everyone - this is my first post so i hope i'm putting it in the right place!

i was just wondering if anyone of you trained/know someone who trained at radbrook college in shrewsbury (shropshire)? pretty unlikely, its not the biggest of places - but i thought it would be worth asking!

i was just wondering what it was like really?



Im doing my Level 3 hairdressing in september, what course are you doing?

Laura x:biggrin:

i've got a place to do level 2 beauty therapy and was just wondering what it was like there really, i missed the day where you got to go and meet the people you'd be with :(
i'm a bit worried because i think the majority of people there will be school leavers and i'm wondering whether i'd fit in ok or be a loner! i'm really keen on the course, i just think i might be a bit friendless and as all my friends are at uni i'm becoming a bit of a hermit! x



I did a refresher course back in april, it seems a nice college, as im not from shrewsbury so i couldnt tell you what the pupils will be like, but from what i can remember my lecturer was really nice and also the majority of courses are always of mixed ages.
I too will probably be one of the older learners, buts that's ok, im sure there will be others of the same age!
Don't worry chick xx