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Jun 18, 2003
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hi i wondered if any one could advise me , i have done an airbrush course and wondered if the compressor and gun would be suitable for body airbrushing (with the right paints and such) i would like to try this but cant afford to go out and buy a seperate kit , any help would be a godsend ,thanks love dee
Hey there,
I have have an airbrush and use it for my nail art, body art and tanning. I did have to get a different gun to attach for the tanning but the nail art and body art i use the same gun and compressor, however I do use different paints as you said.

I think you will find it is ok to use the same gun, just remember to clean it out before you change to the other paints, but hey thats standard anyway.

Kind regards
Grace x
Hello Dee,

Check that you can regulate the pressure on your compressor as the PSI should be lower for doing body art than nail art - around 20 PSI is ok for body art whereas nails should be airbrushed at approx. 30 to 35 PSI.

I keep my nail and body airbrushes separate (although they are all the same make and model) as the paints are different, but if you only have the one it's fine to use for both as long as you make sure to clean it out properly.

PSI wise you need 7 - 10 for the face, 10 for tanning a body, 15 - 20 for tattoos and 30 for nails. It is okay to use the same gun but it is essential you clean it thorougly with the correct medium before swapping paints - ie a waterbased cleaner for water based paints and alcohol for alcohol-based tattoo inks. Make sure you never put water into your gun whislt you still have alcohol based ink in their or else it will swell up into a nasty gloopy mess.

Nail Airbrushes are designed to spray slow and foccused making them ideal for a small surface. If you intend to do a lot of tattoos - we do all the big music festivals in the summer - then you'd be advised to get a dedicated body art type gun such as the Iwata Eclipse or Revolution ranges. These are designed to spray fast and wide so you get greater coverage quicker. It'll take longer to spray the same tattoo with a nail gun. In the summer we run 6 bottle fed Eclipses (one for each colour) and one well fed Eclipse for unusual colour requests. Under these circumstances time is money.

Best wishes

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