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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi everyone.

I had a client booked in at 11am today for some acrylic nails. I had some work before then and carried it out. However, at 10am I started feeling really ill and had food poisoning symptoms.
There was no way I could do the nails! Unless she was into puking lol.
So, I called and asked if I could re-arrange it for 2pm this afternoon and I would give her a 10% discount for the inconvenience.
After the sickness had stopped, I went to bed until 1pm and felt well enough to work again.
She came at 2pm and was absolutely fine about it, she was a new client too!
Do you think I did the right thing?

Thanks :) xx
You definately did the right thing! If your ill your ill you cant help it and if it was some kind of bug that you had you wouldnt want to pass it on to any clients anyway. And you wouldnt have put as much effort into your work because you'd be thinking hurry up i just want to go to bed! So yea and offering the 10% off she cant grumble can she!! :green:
Yeah I didn't think there was much else to do!

Thanks :) xx
I think you definately did the right thing, she knows you know it might be an inconvenicence to her and probably really appreciated that, at the end of the day, I think that clients who complain that you can't do their treatments because you're ill aren't really the ones worth having...
In a way yes you did by offering her discount, but not for re-arranging it for only a couple of hrs later, I'd be thinking that you just made the sickness up coz food-poisoning symptoms are not pleasant and imo you wouldn't be thinking of going back to work in a few hrs iykwim?
If you felt no better, it would have been 2 cancelations with the one client on the same day :hug:
I didn't tell her I had food poisoning though.
I don't tell my clients that I am ill in case they think I am making it up, as you said.
I just asked if it was possible to re-arrange.

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