Re-Perming a Perm?


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Hey all,
So my Stylist has done a perm and it didn't take! the lady is really upset as it is not really curly at the root and straight at the ends but it does have quite a good wave mid length. She wanted a Spiral perm!
The perm was done last Wed but she needs it re permed before sat!!
How soon can you re perm hair?
I know that it is our fault as the perm was not done properly and I really want her to be happy with her hair but I don't want to ruin it even more.
So she came in on sat and we did a deep conditioning treatment and blow dried her hair so she didn't feel her hair was bad and she is booked in on Tuesday to have the treatment and another Blow dry (free of charge as it was our fault)
But she is going to India Saturday so want the re perm before she goes.
I have never re permed before so please if anyone has advise on how to do so that would be great!!
My questions are;
Would you re perm it all like normal and just use a really weak lotion and use allot of protection spray before hand?
Can you pre soak the ends with perm lotion as you wind the perm up?
(she has just below shoulder length hair)
Or would you advise against perming and re fund her money back?
Or should I just perm the mid length and ends?
please any help I will be so greatfull xxx
Hi I think if her hair in good condition I would spray with porosity equalizer and when winding apply perm lotion to the ends but keep spraying with water to keep damp as you go along then apply as normal when all perm rollers are in. Conditioning treatment afterwards should be fine.xx


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I would always wait 2 weeks before re perming also your other thread stated she had colour on her hair so I would do a incompatibility test. Asian hair I find can be resistant when perming so usually I would use the perm for resistant hair. Do a test curl with resistant lotion if the incompatibility test is ok . If she has thick heavy hair I would also cut in some long layers.

Hey I have has the exact same problem before, I did re perm it after a treatment and it was fine . In the wella perms you get a conditioner you use before and it tells you to leave in. Don't ! Rinse it out. As long as her hairs in good condition I would say it would be fine. Just keep a very close eye on it ! Good luck with everything :)