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Which is your preferred method of Tanning?

  • Airbrush Tanning

    Votes: 35 50.0%
  • Vertical Sunbed

    Votes: 12 17.1%
  • Horizontal Sunbed

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • I prefer the English Rose look!

    Votes: 12 17.1%

  • Total voters
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May 12, 2003
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I am trying to decide whether to get a stand-up Sunbed in my new shop or go for the SU-DO Tropical Airbrush tanning?

Nowhere in my area does the Airbrush tan, but maybe that is for a good reason! What do you think?

(I know this isn't about Nails, but it is VERY important! :D And it is my first poll!)
beautifulnails03...i think either would be an asset if there is a demand for the "sun-kissed" look in your area. the spa i work at doesn't have tanning, but there are plenty of tanning salons around, and only ONE of them has finally gotten the spray-tan thingie. it's a pretty new place so it makes the spray seem new and exciting. i know for a fact that all the estheticians we have on staff HIGHLY recommend it to their clients instead of the actual lamps. and i've seen alot of people who've done it...the only bad thing is, if a person already has a strong tan, they turn out a little orange-y after.. :shock: :) but on fair-skinned people, it looks very nice! ...alot of salons have both and do a "cocktail" tan...ever consider that? (like we all have a gazillion dollars for fun stuff like that! duh on me!):hit:

Have you started to ask your clients what they would like :?: i did this before i had my sunbed put in and glad i did i was going for a stand up one and when i asked my clients they all said no a lie down one, can never find one everywhere has stand up ones and all they wanted was a lie down when they finished work so i went for the one they wanted and we are now both happy :D :D

Just thought I would pass on this little snippet of info that a client told me whilst I was doing her infills.

The day before her wedding she went to a tanning salon for one of the spray tans, about an hour later she started to feel unwell. This got progressively worse over the next few hours, til eventually she felt so ill that she :puke: then she was fine.

It turned out that the tanning solution had some extract of nut in it and guess what - yes she is allergic to nuts :shock:

Just thought I would pass this on to you as I think all information helps!!!!
Do you know which product it was???????

Obviously I would have to check various things with Customers before they had the service.

It is talked about to be 'the next big thing!', but is this true? Is airbrush tanning really catching on? I know that it has been available for a while now.

I asked my best friend what she would prefer and she said that she doesn't like the idea of paying £20-£25 for a tan that will only last 5-10 days as it will cost a lot to keep up to. She said that ideally it would be better because there are no skin cancer risks or premature ageing, but she thinks it is too expensive.

Any views?
This is what we use in our salon (along with manual St Tropez). We have never had any problems with adverse reactions (touch wood).

Would suggest anyone planning a wedding or other special occassion always has their tan a good few days before they require it. It allows for a much more even look and the client is used to it as well!

Have been pleased with the results from Su Do. Can also recommend Bali Sun.....

Wish you loads of luck
I have a salon, which is the only one in the area where I live which does Sudo tanning and I have clients that come quite a long way as they love it so much. San Tropez can go quite orange or dirty looking on some people, but I have found Sudo to be the most natural of quite a few that I have tried and I now swear by it

We have a sunbed shop in the area and people are getting away from that way of tanning and going for airbrush as this I think is the way of the future.

I charge £35.00 for 2 sessions, but they have to have the 2nd session within 3 weeks. Most people have theirs on approx the 8th day to top up.

hope this helps a little.

Michelle :rolleyes:
I am thinking of training to offer airbrush tanning at home. Does anyone one know where i can do this? and how much?
Also how large an area would i need in my room?
Could this be done as a mobile service?
I have never had this done i have always used sunbeds but i have now stopped and i think the public demand is on the increase for airbrush tanning.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.
Hi there... I use Sudo in my salon and I find it goes on really well, it smells nice (nicer than the St Tropez in my opinion) the colour is beautiful and most important.. the clients love it!
Its instant colour and there are no harmful rays.
Go for it!
Do you use the proper Su-Do cubicle? I am trying to find something cheaper and 1 person suggested a shower cubicle. Unfortunatley though they only seem to be sold with 2 sides! And I need all four! :rolleyes:
We have a circular shower rail with a curtain in one corner of the room, It seems to work well, the "proper" cubicles are very expensive arnt they? You need to do an awful lot of tans to recoup your money. :twisted:
I was disappointed to not see a vote for hands-on application tanning.
I use St. Tropez and I`ve found it to be absolutely brilliant, I love getting right in there with the application and I find it less embarassing for the quieter clients that don`t want to stand there in the altogether while you spray them
To be honest it wasn't something that entered my mind!

However, I have actually had bad feedback from customers using the hands on application. Whether it's that they are applying incorrectly or what, I'm not sure, but they've suffered from streaking and ended up with awful orange hands! :o

I'm not sure if Su-Do do a hands on application like St Tropez do, but it is definatly Su-Do that I am wanting to use. It sprays on and covers beautifully!

I went back to see if I could edit the poll to put in the option you asked for but I don't know how to do it! :rolleyes:

Sorry hun. :rolleyes:

I use to offer the 'hands on' application of St Tropez and thought it was great but that was before I used the Su Do airbrush tropical tan which is FANTASTIC! :) Its much more natural looking and can be 'layered' in certain areas (lower legs, face etc) to create a deeper look (not achievable with St Tropez).
The only downfall is the overspray, I use something similar to 'Little Angel', but its a light rather than shower rail (one that bends to form a half circle) then I sewed 2 clear shower curtains together so it reached floor to ceiling, voila......a lighted cubicle :cool: . I've also bought the extractor fan (a bit big!!!) which attracts most of the overspray and you dont feel like your being gassed!! :rolleyes:
I personally would prefer someone 'spraying' me while I stood half naked, than applying tan to me lying down, with all wobbly bits giggling around (plus gravity making 'things' fall into your armpits!!!) :|
Anyway sorry its a bit longwinded, hope it helps.
i do air brush tanning from home, yes thats right su-do. it is better than creams because the client doesnt have to have you touch them while applying it and i was and think still are the only one in leicester to apply it, it smells nice okay it turns everythink in the room pink but if you can get a screen up its fine its the best i have used and the only one i use now on myself. has anyone got their new gun that takes 4 mins to apply the tan? i wanted to know if it was any good
love dye :D
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