Ready to give up eyelash extensions

Just got a new client for eyelash extensions first set completely came off,second set was find lasted her 4 weeks,third set came off I redone them and they have came off again...I'm ready to give up with them after I have done them for 3years she's been my only problem I don't think it's worth the hassle anymore
Oh that's abit strange. I wonder why that is happening?
Very odd. Have you changed anything?

What about the client? What is she telling you is happening exactly?
After how long are the sets coming off?

No I haven't changed anything.
She is waking up with them all over pillow 2-3days later and none at all on her eyes.she started using a new eye cream so I put it down to that but this time she hasn't and they have done it again I primed twice the last time but just no good I think I might just give up it's too much hassle haha xx
Is she your only client this happens to.

Don't give up yet. She may not be suitable, if she's waking up with them on the pillow sounds like she's doing something in the night.
When they come out are they attached to a lash, or not.

I had a client we couldn't keep lashes on, turned out she's produced so much oil her lashes slid off.

What glue are u using, what brand of lashes xx
Hmm...well 3yrs of experience counts for something. It won't be you it'll be her.
Her lashes are "special" lol!

Well, there are some other lash techs on here who may have come across something like this who may be able to help.

I cannot think why this would happen, unless she's getting water on them within the 24hours, oil on them. If the nl isn't on the lashes that come off something is interfering with bond once she leaves you.

Here's hoping someone may be able to suggest something.
I've been lashing for almost a year and so far no complaints but I know someone who has them done elsewhere and if one month her lashes fall quicker than normal I'm on it asking her so many questions. It bugs me not knowing why.

Her eye lashes are fine it must just be them sliding off.i have no idea what it could be I'm stumped!
Her eye lashes are fine it must just be them sliding off.i have no idea what it could be I'm stumped!
It could be that she produces a lot of oil / I had this once with a client they just slid off

Remember lashes are not for everyone but don't give up! Xx

I have one client that just can't keep lashes on. She had had them done several times and just like your lady wakes up and they're on the pillow. I don't know why. I have just decided they're not for her as no one else has a problem. The only thing she does have is really bad hayfever in the summer so don't know if this makes her eyes super sensitive all year round!

Vicki x


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I've been having that problem recently too! But now more recently, my clients that have had their lashes done multiple times before with no issue are losing almost half of their lashes in 3 days. I haven't changed any technique but I started when I became mobile.

Check to see if she has any underlying health issues. Even such things as gall stones can affect how effective your adhesive will be. It's weird but honestly it could be an undiagnosed health issue. Xx. If she's your only problem client then I definately wouldn't let that one client defeat you. Xxx