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Jun 11, 2011
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I just thought that i would share,
A few weeks back i felt sooo depressed about my acrylic nails and was ready for giving them up,this is not in my nature usually but i felt really fed up about them,however over the last week my total outlook to them has changed,before i was dreading a client booking in for nails but now i dont mind,in fact i look forward to it.
I put a picture up on facebook the other day and i had lots of people like it and got 2 bookings off the back of it.
I am far from perfect (always find fault with my acrylic nails) but i am feeling a lot more relaxed like something has just changed in my brain lol.
To top it off i went into college the other day to finish off my intimate wax course and i did the final wax on a tutor and was really happy.
My waxing tutor asked me to keep an eye on the students whilst she nipped out of the room for a second and before i left asked me for some of my leaflets as she has some mobile clients that she can no longer get to because she is so busy and said she will recommend me to them because she wants someone who is good at what they do.
What a massive compliment and confidence boost,so happy! :)
Yay!!!! What a great feeling. Bask in it and enjoy. A fabulous confidence boost for you and you obviously deserve it. Well done. :p

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