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Aug 12, 2003
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I've just had a client call to say that she may have to cancel her apointment on Saturday to have her nails done as she has knocked her little finger and nearly ripped the nail of with it..... I asked if her her own nail (she already has L&P on) has lifted off her nail bed and she said no not much but it did bleed. I told her that so long as there is not too much lifting that we can still do her nails?

Now did I do right?

she has been one of the clients who originally wanted her nails done as a one off treat and it therefore it has been about 5 weeks since they were done without any further rebalances etc.... (probably the reason she's damaged her little finger). Anway they are in quite a mess as you can imagine and she's filed them right down herself so my question is do I soak off and start again or do I treat as a normal rebalance... although she'll probably want them a tad longer then she's got them at the mo. I'm hoping that she's going to be more committed now. My concern is for her little finger... soaking it in procuct remover... will be this be very painful or safe?

Ok Tamm,

soak off or rebalance - this will depend on the state of them and how much they have grown - after 5 weeks the stress area is likely to have been filed off if she is filing them so you will need to make sure you completely restructure the nail. If she wants them longer then you will either have to take them off and re-tip or sculpt them as is to get more length.

Her little finger should have healed enough by Saturday for you to do a painless soak off.

If there is lots of lifting then it probably will be quicker to soak and redo but you will only know that when she comes - whatever you do make sure you charge her more than for just a straightforward rebalance most people would charge full set price after 4 weeks.

Let us know the outcome.
Thanks Fiona. I am charging her the price of a full set so there's no worries there. I'll take on board what you've suggested and will let you know how I get on.

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