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Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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I have had a few requests for this so i thought it would be easiest to post it for all to see. Any additions or anything you think i have missed off, all advice as always welcome so do let me know what you think. I have based my card on the one off web site it can be found under the nvq section. Hope this is of help. If you are curious as to why i dont have an address or telephone number this is because this information is kept seperately on a protected computer, this protects the salon and the technicans jobs.


Client Name: _________________________________ Client id no:__________

Date: _________________
In order to provide you with the best possible service, please complete the following:
What type of nail service have you had before? ________________________
What nail care items do you regularly use at home? _____________________
Have you a history of Diabetes; Rheumatic Fever, Heart Disease or any Allergies?
Are you currently taking any medication? _______________________
Are your hands dry, moist or normal? __________________________
What nail shape do you prefer? _____________________________
Do you want to wear enamel, be natural or go French? ____________
Do you do sports activities and if so, what? _______________________
Do you have children under 5? _____________________________
How did you hear about our salon? _______________________________ ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Describe the condition of the nail plate at the start of the service __________
Have you and the client agreed a service to be performed ________________
If the client has come from another Salon and/or having problems, please ask her to sign the following indemnity.

I acknowledge that due to: (tick)
? another technician’s lack of expertise
? the prolonged use of “stick on's”
? the medical condition that I have
? the fact that I am a nail biter

I may have complications for which I do not hold ________________ responsible. I acknowledge that these Enhancements should be rebalanced every two weeks or professionally removed at a Salon. These Enhancements
are not guaranteed and are my sole responsibility once I leave the Salon. Any breakages or repairs must be paid for.
I am not knowingly suffering from any transferable disease or infection.
CANCELLATION POLICY: To keep our prices low we must ask that if for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment that you give us at least 3 hrs notice so we may fill your time. If notice is not given then we will require 50% of your appointment fee.

Date:_______________________ Signed:___________________________ Technician:________________

It is a requirement of my insurance company that all record cards are to be signed or NO treatment can be given.
Hi Little Angel, I like your client card, it's similar to mine and i've noticed a few points which i think i will add to mine so thanks for that.

I must admit i hadn't thought about a disclaimer for the condition of their nails due to previous treatment from someone else or stick ons etc.

You've given me a few things to think about.:biggrin:
mine is pretty similar but i think i will add the cancellation policy.

has anyone had any thoughts about people not being happy with there nails (for whatever reason) and insisting on there money back ?

is it too harsh to make them soak them off before they leave or clip them off.

the reason i ask is i have seen this happen (i did`nt do em, honest) the client came back the next day said she was`nt happy and wanted a refund, the manageress gave in, but her opinion was, the client left with her money and a perfectly good set of nails.

If i had such a complaint then i would make it a condition that i soaked them off and put them back to their original state before i refunded her her money back........
Touch wood i havnt had one so far!!
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