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What type of licensing would you like to see

  • NVQ from College

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • NVQ from ANT type centres

    Votes: 14 31.1%
  • Licensing board approved courses

    Votes: 26 57.8%
  • none - who cares about licensing

    Votes: 3 6.7%

  • Total voters
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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
I saw an ad in my local paper yesterday as follows

The Nail Academy - Nail Technicians can earn hundreds of pounds a day ... You can too! Nail technician courses available in (my area). No experience necessary. Call today ...

I was intrigued so I called. I was told it is a 2 or 3 day course depending on whether you wanted to learn 1 or 2 systems (L&P or gel)

I would be issued with an industry recognised diploma and ready after 2 days to work on the public, although I would be recommended to do between 10-15 sets before I was really good enough.

Question? - what constitutes an industry recognised diploma. I played dumb and asked if this meant it was like an NVQ - she said no. I mentioned that I had spoken to some other companies and was asking the same questions. She told me that Creative do a weeks course then you have to do another weeks course and it costs £700 - not heard of this one LOL.

To get to my point and I will also include a poll here. What is your opinion on licencing. I do not think we will ever get government legislation - look at the hair industry, they have been talking about this for over £25 years.

I would like to see a regulatory board which asseses training courses and approves them from an insurance point of view.

What do you all think.
naturalnails said:
I would like to see a regulatory board which asseses training courses and approves them from an insurance point of view.

What do you all think.

Well first of all they were lying to you. I'm quite sure their diploma would not be recognised. (Who is this phantom body of people anyway who are 'recognising' these diplomas anyway?)
2ndly, The Creative Nail Academies do not offer a course that is anything like the one she described to you.

At the moment - although it is a very loose arrangement - there are a few qualifications which are 'recognised' by the City of London Westmnster City Council (who are the only ones insisting on a qualification) if technicians work within their area.

Some of these are:

The Creative Master Certificate
NVQ unit 19 - Advanced Nail Techniques
VCTC - Advanced Nail Techniques
There honestly may be more, but I am not up to date on it.

Who else is asking???? NO one. It is a free for all.
It would be excellent for some body to give a seal of approval to training courses (ANT does this in its own way) but it isn't a perfect world and it ain't gonna happen. Look at the NVQ! There is a structured course that should be the same wherever you take it, but we all know the quality of that course varies wildly from one institution to another.
I too would like to see a regulatory board that asseses training courses throught the UK and approves them.

I am unable to do my NVQ as I can't find a position in a salon at the moment which is very frustrating. VCTC is the nearest I could find.

I would glady apply for a licence and think this would be a good move for the industry, but would the public care? How many people walk into a hair salon and ask to see their certificates prior to treatment, and as long as they get want they wanted are they even bothered? ..Hair salons are license and their are plenty of buthers out there? should all elements of the beauty world team together to push for this.

I walked into a local nail salon (if you could call it that :mad: ) recently and there is no way they should be putting enhancments on the public no certs for training and hygiene was ..yuck. yet people were sat there happliy having their nails done
Even as a mobile I carry copies of all my certificates to a new appointment

sorry if I have gone off the point here.
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