Removable sculpting gel to replace Brisa Lite


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Sep 6, 2013
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I've just found out CND are archiving Brisa Lite sculpting gel. Can anyone give me a recommendation to replace it. My clients are gutted! I don't use any tips due to an allergy to nail glue so it must be a product that will work with forms alone.
We've been road testing artistic correction gel & so far our clients are loving it more than the Brisa sculpt as its stronger. I haven't used it with forms yet though, only done overlay under shellac so not sure how you'd get on with it in that capacity. It is runnier though so you would need to part cure to freeze as you go along. Might be worth calling louella belle & seeing if they do a specific sculpting product. X
I use CND Brisa gel, their original, regular gel. I originally trained in that years ago and actually get on better with it to the Brisa Lite. It's a hard gel and amazing to sculpt with. The only difference is you do have to remove the shine from the natural nail plate and it had to be buffed off, it isn't soakable. But if using for enhancements which are going to be infilled that's not really a problem.
Love brisa lite and brisa gel but due to having operations and not being able to work doing nails I swapped to a different brand which was cheaper (not sure if it still is) skyscraper from creative beauty group which is really nice to work with and comes in larger pots. I've also worked in a salon where we used the NSI soak off gel but I wasn't too fond of that I tend to find NSI makes a mess of nails personally never had an issue with any other brand but NSI. Xx

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