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Dec 2, 2003
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Need some advice from anybody that can help :x

The last few sets that I have had, my clients want there extensions taken off and a new set put on. I am finding it very difficult and time consuming to get them off.

I am using star nails sulpting gel and millennium french white tips, takes well over an hour to remove, tried soaking in acetone, and soaking cotton wool in acetone and then foiling please help me find an easier way to remove I am deseparate :(
One client said the filing was making one of there nails sore..............

i also use star sculpting gel, and i am afraid the only way to remove it is by filing it off, it doesn't soak off! i have now started using L&P for that initial reason, and find it alot better to work with overall, although it tried creative L&P trial kit last week, TONS better than star nails. Creative conversion here i come.

Thanks for the reply, I only really no Star Nails because thats what I was taught with...

I tried Balance from NSI and I did not think much of that I bought a trial kit.

The gel that you use can I buy it from Ellisons and is it just called L&P dont think I have ever heard of that gel.


Hi, L&P is not a gel, It just stands for liquid and powder.
Hope this clarifies this.
The L&P i was talking about was star nails liquid and powder called performance. its o.k but now i have tried the creative liquid and powder called retension + i like that much better, they both have trial kits. you can get star nail anywhere (even the public can get hold of star nails) but i had to phone creative for their products, they want a copy of your certificate to sell products to you, much more professional in my opinion.
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