removal of Ibd gel which way is best?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Can any one help,i use Ibd gel.Im not good enougth to sculpted yet,so i apply a tip & place gel on top.3-4 weeks later the lady needs an infiill.But beacause the tip is now grown out of place that would look pants.So i cut off free edge,file the gel as i also use intense seal.And then soak in warm aceotone.but sometime this process can take upto an hour?I do file the gel as well but it aint moving.Should i invest in a electric nail file,or am i doing it all wrong?
hiya hope someone helps

why didn't you do a rebalance....?...3-4 weeks is fine to do a rebalance on.
Why don't you use white gel to put the smile line back where it should be? Removing and doing a new set every few weeks is unnecessary...... By doing a french rebalance you can keep the nails looking new and fresh each time.
I thought that IBD was a buff off gel and not a soak off?
Apologies if I misunderstood but I too cant see why you dont just do a P&W rebalance.
Yeah i thought IBD was buff off too....
How do you do a rebalance?
Werent you shown a re-balance on your training with IBD?

There are loads of tutorials on here if you need a reminder that will cover this but I do recommend you have a one 2 one with your trainer to go over this area.
How do you do a rebalance?

Basically a rebalance restructures the nail so the apex, smile line and zone 3 are all in the right place. You would shorten the length, thin out the enhancement and then reapply your product in all 3 zones. There is a detailed tutorial from Geeg on here that covers it......

By rebalancing you maintain both the structural integrity and the fresh look of your enhancements.

I use IBD also, first off, are you using thier Soak off Gel? or just regular file off gel? If you're using soak off, you should be using the IBD Gel Remover Soak to remove them. If you're using the traditional gels then, they are not removable by soaking in acetone; you should file them to the point that they get opaque/cloudy, this means the seal is broken from the natural nail; remove by sliding a pusher between the product and the natural nail, it should slide of easily, if not, keep filing.

As for removing every 3 - 4 weeks, this is unnessesary and will eventually lead to damaging the clients natural nail. To "re-balance" you should file the product thin at the cuticle and the free edge, not too thin, don't break the seal. Prep as usual for a fill, cleanse, bond the grow out, then apply white to the free edge to reset your new smile, clean your smile to be crisp with a clean brush and cure. I "freeze" cure (a quick 10 sec in the light) between nails to keep the smile crisp, this helps if your speed is a little slower applying white. After your smiles are reset or rebalanced you can continue with a fill as usual.

Good luck, and stop giving yourself so much work!:lol:

Also, ibd has a really good tutorial video on their site for thier product line. Check it out at Welcome to IBD

Why not do a rebalance using the white gel.

Ibd takes ages to soak off, best bet is to file off as much as you can, and then soak off the little that is left.
That what i do ,file as much as poss and try to soak off the rest.Thankyou to all who have helped.
How do you do a rebalance?

This really would have been covered in your training, which isn't mentioned on your profile...have you had training hun ...?

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