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Nov 6, 2005
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Late last year I started a thread saying I had been offered a room rent free in a local cafe, because the owner needed to try and bring some new business in, anyway to cut a long story short it isn't going to happen till later this month now, but I need to get all my marketing ideas put into play and put around the area to make this work for both of us. With it being a cafe, I was trying to think of some promotions and a special menu that I can link to the cafe/food idea. For now I will only be offering manicures and pedicures or mini mani/pedi's for little girls etc..., Maybe the odd pamper evening, something for the kids after school or at weekends, we have a local exercise class 3 mornings a week, so I wanted to try and offer these ladies something to bring them in.
Can anyone help with any ideas for flyers/menu??:rolleyes:
How about some chocolate or coffee based treatments,
i don't mean use the real thing, you can buy professional products for manis and pedis with these ingredients as the aroma hth
Perhaps you can get $1.00 to $5.00 gift cards to the cafe and give them out to your clients for their first visit, and if they refer someone to you that books an appointment you can give them another one. Knowing that they will get a some money to spend on the way out would be an incentive for them to refer more clients to you!
Thanks for your replies guys, I will take them on board, I am doing flyers a.t.m to put around, I have so many ideas, but really need to narrow it down to a couple just to get the clients in, initially:confused:

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