Renting Beauty Industry DVD's ??!!


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Aug 16, 2005
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Washington, Illinois USA
I was thinking about starting an online place to rent videos for the beauty industry. I got to looking at the prices for these videos one day and I think more people would watch them if they weren't so much money. I know I would watch more of them if I could rent one for $10 instead of paying $70 for a DVD I will only watch a few times.

Is this a crazy idea?
Would you rent instead of buy?

Let me know what you think.
I think its a great idea, as these can be expensive. Although I often go back to my old dvd's for a quick reminder if I hav'nt done something for a while.
I think its a great idea It would save use all some cash and in return you can have reviews for each video i think its wonderful go for it you know there are programs for funding for this kinda stuff!!
i think this is good idea as sometimes i need reminding of things i have been tought !!!!! memory spam of a nat me !!!!!:green:
Do you think that I can get funding for this?? So far everyone has thought it would be a good idea. I guess I should just do it! OH! By the way PATENT PENDING! My sister says if you yell this after your idea no one can steal it. Wouldn't it be nice if that were true??!!
I think it's a great idea- does anywhere in the UK offer this service? (NB I don't want to steal the idea- just hire some DVDs!)
Sounds like a good idea.
Good luck with it hun if you do decide to go through with it, and don't forget to give your geeky friends discount lol
Alright, I think I could make this work! I might even be able to offer it to the Geeks in the UK. I will have to make sure I get DVD's that will play everywhere. Now I just need ideas for videos, a website designer, and I should probably talk to an accountant and an attorney.
Thanks everyone!
Hi Aubrey,

It's a great idea - you need to be aware, however, that DVDs (and videos before them) that are sold for rental use are incredibly expensive to buy.

This is because the manufacturer will make less profit selling one DVD that is then rented out to another ten people, compared with selling each of those ten people their own copies (then of course there are issues around potential piracy). So the initial cost of purchasing a rental DVD is much higher to compensate for this (in effect, you are paying for the 'right' to then rent the title out to others).

You would not be able to buy regular education DVDs from a website or beauty wholesaler and simply rent them out, as this would breach copyright restrictions and could land you in hot water, but I'm sure that some of the manufacturers out there would be open to discussions if you approached them individually with your idea. There's certainly a market for it!

Best of luck :hug:
Axiom- thanks for this vital piece of information! I don't want to be in trouble for any copyright stuff. So I have to get ahold of the manufacturers of the DVD's not just the place selling them. Good to know!
Hi Aubrey,

Just in addition to Axiom's reply, you had mentioned earlier that you would make sure that you got dvd's that would play anywhere (otherwise known as Region Free or region 0). I don't know if the manufacturers would be willing to supply this and you may find that you would have to contact distributors for each country and purchase the individual regions to rent.

HTH's and Good luck! I'd rent from you!!


*ps... my other half designs websites!

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