Renting rooms - what treatments are there?


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Sep 27, 2007
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I have a beatuy room which can be empty for about 3 days a week, and once my therapist has her baby, will be completely empty for a couple of months.

I know that there are botox companies that travel around hiring a room in a salon for one or two days a month, the salon finds the client and the company pay the salon for the use of the room.

My question is are there any other treatments or services which do a similar thing? I cant think of any as Im not a beauty therapist!

Any ideas or contacts you can give me?


my friend rents a room to a teeth whitening company every so often, its very successful, and as the 'host' she gets a freebie! not sure of the name off the top of my head but will pm you when i remember it. you could always consider taking on a temp therapist while your regular one has her baby, and maybe consider renting the room to an holistic therapist for the days shes not there
Also i have a holistic therapist who holds a clinic in my salon one day a week as iam a beauty therapist and dont offer things like indian head ect.

You could try that.

Or even getting some one in who does semi perm make up.
cool thanks for your suggestions guys. any idea of who to contact? do you think Beauty Business Mags are a good start?
A friend of mine rents out one of her rooms one day a month to a permanent makeup lady.

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