Renting space in a hair salon - Keeping a Diary / Advertising

Hi Geeks,

I have another (different) question regarding renting space at a hair salon.

I'll be renting space at the hair salon (nails only) for one day a week in addition to my home beauty business. Are there any geeks who do something similar? If so, how do you work the booking system? The manager of the hair salon wants to keep the diary and I have to ring her if I get any bookings for at the salon and check the availability. But speaking to her today to discuss details, she sort of complained that she was essentially my receptionist... but then she doesn’t want calls going to me as then she wouldn’t be able to take bookings in the Salon. What do most geeks do – do the salon keep and populate your diary or do you keep and populate your diary or do you both contribute to it and if so how? It’s blowing my mind and I don’t know how to get it right.

Think the manager is getting very annoyed with me at the mo, as I haven’t yet got any brochures produced that relate to her salon, I just gave her my own brochures for info only really and she’s said I’m using her to promote my business and it’s doing nothing for the Salon, that i need to get brochures done just for the Salon and need a new name to use at the Salon. After speaking to her, I get her point and I am planning on doing brochures for treatments just at the hair Salon with the Salon’s address/details on, but i just didn’t want to pay out for all these things before I’d tried out working there...

I’m babbling on but the long and short of it is, I’m completely clueless on this sort of thing and after what she’ said I feel light a right useless let down and that I’ve done something wrong, but then I also feel like I’m being bullied a bit.... I’m so upset and worried I’ve upset her... the ‘treating me as your receptionist’ and 'you're using me to promote your own business’. I feel like a terrible person! L

our beauty therapist makes and takes her own bookings on her number and my clients call her direct. i have not got the time to run another book alongside mine. this will be the same with the new nail technician when we get one in!

That sounds lots better.... I'd prefer it that way, but she wants to keep the appintment book in the salon so she has to manage it. Think she's concerned if they're ringing me I'll get them to book in with me at home instead... I just don't understand why she is so worried about me taking business... who would I be taking the business from? Myself?!