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Nov 6, 2005
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Hi guys, I need some advice really. I have been living in Spain for over 2 years now, but due to personal circumstances changing, it looks like I will have to return to the U.K. with my son in the next couple of months. Anyway, I have a cousin who owns a hair salon in the Stockport Area and was thinking about approaching him to rent a space in his salon to do manicures and pedicures (initially) as I am confident with these and hopefully off acrylic L&P nails later on (when I feel more confident with them). Anyway, before I approach him (this will be a new venture for him too) I was wondering what sort of things to say to him to make it sound an attractive proposition to him and what sort of questions he will need to ask when looking into it. What sort of rent should I be looking at paying him or percentage of takings offer to him, he has a good client base and I think theres about 5 stylists in his salon. Insurance - would I have to insure myself or is it something he could do or could I be covered automatically ?
Anything else I should think about ?
Plus, could I make a living out of just doing manicures and pedicures in the U.K ?:|

Susie H

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Aug 10, 2005
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Hi hun, I would say 25% to him is better then rent because if you have a quiet day you won't end up out of pocket.
Yes you will need to have your own insurance but its not expensive.
I don't know what your area is like so couldn't say how busy you would be. I think you need to be interesting, so if you can add other things to your service menu it will look better.
You say you are not confident in enhancements, now please take this as the gentle prod its meant to be and not me having a go at you, if you don't do them how will you get confident?
Bite the bullet:) advertise, something like New nail stylist in town, start now, have pretty hands and feet for spring, for a limited time only nail art included with every set of enhancements.
Good luck hun and don't forget to register your business with the tax man within 3 months of starting.:hug:

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