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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
hi every one,
I need help again, hey whats new! I ordered a few bits in nothing much but need a bit of help with what to charge, I hae looked in the creative mag on the suggested retail prices but still come across a few problems.

Nail polish remover it says charge £2.95 for a 125ml bottle, but i could not find them in mag so ordered the 150 ml bottles do I charge the same or more and how much?

Solar oil did not think my customers would pay the £4 odd for oil so got some 3.7ml tiny bottles what does one charge for these for clients to try?

Out the door top coat 1/2 fl oz is this retailing at £6.75 it says this in book but does not give a description of the ml or oz of the bottle?

and finally files I got these else where but they are file and sniff type do you think £1.99 is fair ?

I would love some ideas on this as I have clients tommorow all day and have no time to contact creative until wednesday really and worry i may sell tomorrow would hate to rip any one off.

cheers guys
Grace x
Rule of thumb here.......
the price you pay add VAT and then double it................
Thats how most things are worked out for retail..........
Creative RRP. as brill I would stick to them...........
Blimey really is this right add vat then double, so the acetone cost me 1.37 and the at = 1.61 so I retail at 3.22 will people actually pay this?

and the out the door ends up at 7.52 I am gob smacked honestly perhaps i am behind the times don't go out much must admit but will peeps pay that much for a top coat?

I am so not sure I am just worried that everyone will think i am a totaly rip off, sorry i am such a baby aren't I.

Thank you Ruth for letting me know the rule of thumb it gives me definite food for thought.

Grace x
For the creative retail use the price guide in the catalouge.........

Out the door is £ 6.75 a little less mark up then the 100%.......
This is a fast drying top quality top coat........ you get what you pay for it .......Granted they are cheaper lines out there, but are they as good ???

Enamel remover 125 ml = £2.95 so they get an extra 25ml.......each ml at retail is £0.0236 so times 150ml = £3.54 charge £3.20.....
As I said it's rule of thumb...........
Creative Retail is top quality.............You can always reduce your it today's special..but display the's just that recommended retail price...... but I stick to Creative retail prices......that way matter which Creative Tech they buy from......the prices are the same................
Thanks Ruth,
I shall definitely follow your great advice thank you, just needed that little push to tell myself I was doing the right thing

Thank you once again
Grace x
grace said:
Solar oil did not think my customers would pay the £4 odd for oil so got some 3.7ml tiny bottles what does one charge for these for clients to try?

Don't make the mistake of closing your client's purse before she has opened it. If you want to retail successfully then do not make decisions for your clients.

NONE of us has the slightest problem selling SolarOil. It is a must to keep enhancements in good condition. It lasts for ages and is much better value in a large bottle than in a small one. AND your profit is greater.

The reason why so many technicians do so badly at retail sales is by making the same mistake you are. Stop apologizing for the price of things ... your products are high quality and good value.
yes, everybody do your retail.
One of the major subject in the nail biz in the USA these days is that it is so terrible that the providers of professional products are finding alternate methods of retailing professional products to the public ( WHY ) because so few hair stylists and so few nail techs are involved in retailing professional products.
So, You dont sell it to your clients for them, and eventually in the UK the suppliers will be exploring ever expanding methods of selling it to the public and leave the techs out in the cold.
I dont happen to sell a lot to customers in the UK, but I do recieve some orders from the UK. I have a box going out in tomorrows mail, an item that she just could not find any of her local shops selling. Look, if they want it, they will buy it. She will be paying $ 16 USA just for the global priority mail shipping box and also pay her UK VAT when she picks it up.
If I can sell and ship it all the way from the USA and make minimun 100%, then how bout you.
ollieninh said:
So, You dont sell it to your clients for them, and eventually in the UK the suppliers will be exploring ever expanding methods of selling it to the public and leave the techs out in the cold.

This does not sound like a 'Ken' post so I must assume you are Mrs Ken :oops: :shock: Hi - My name is Samantha and we are the distributors for Creative here in the UK and Ireland. I would like to make it clear here and now that we would never sell direct to the public via Boots, Pharmacies etc; why would we :?: We have the most loyal and accomplished technicians over here - and incidently, they do retail very well ;) Your comment that we would 'leave them out in the cold' is uncalled for and disrespectful considering you have no idea who we are or anything about our work ethics or loyalty to our customers :rolleyes: . Maybe members on this board could put you straight!! I have been approached by QVC on numerous occasions to sell CND via TV and have refused. OPI went this route - have done very well but it disgruntled many of their loyal technicians - what's the point of stocking OPI enamels when the public can buy them in Boots or off the TV for half the price - suddenly it becomes less respected. We do not follow suit with everything that the US does and because of that, I think our standards are higher and our technicians are better educated!! ;) I am sure you were being generic as in 'all distributors will do this' but as I am one of them - I felt I must state our opinions!
Yes indeed my post was very generic and never mentioned CND and I assure you that was nothing in my post singling out you nor CND,LTD.
AND in fact, even in the USA, I have noticed that CND does indeed draw attention to itself (in my viewpoint) in at least 2 areas. One being that CND has perhaps the finest nail product educatonal program period, And two being that in the USA I have not observed CND following others (such as OPI or such as Tweezerman ) in using alternative means to market products to the general public.
That said, let's do keep in mind that I never said a negative thing about CND to begin with.
NOW let me state an opinion (held by many other than myself) about trends. Here we generally see a trend begin on the west coast (hail California) and catch on and hop to the east coast. Then as west and east coast market penitration occurs, it will generally spread into the central or hinterlands of the USA. And then, in more cases than not, they next target the markets of Europe.
I'm speaking of business in general, not just the nail biz. Wal-mart, super grocery stores, high volume low price nail salons, NSS salons, professional product division, and finally scantioned professional product retailing by the nail product industry.
I sincerely speak of many things that we have here that are already on the 'cash cow' portion of the product life cycle bell curve ..... that are just in the infancy stage in Europe or have even yet to appear in Europe.
AND when I do post specifically about such an item, I feel one of my values is that my comments can offer a 'heads up'.
You can certainly chose to disagree with me, but then just a few years ago how many people in Europe would have laughed at the idea that MacDonalds would be making such a PROFIT in FRANCE. Hey.
Why did you say that did not sound like a Ken post, that it must have been a Mrs Ken post ?

It was a Ken post.
I dont do nails anymore, except to occasional gels. I have termianl congestive heart failure and complete disability.

With a degree in Computer Science and another in Business Administration now adays when I'm having a 'good day' I handle the management and retail chores for Mrs Ken. As a consultant I have taught my wife and other salon owners how to retail and in most cases the resulting increase in salon gross and profit has been substantial.

Currently I am in the final days of our Christmas PR. Cards and gifts to her following. My wife is much more 'lovable' than I, and soon the floor around our own Christmas tree will begin to fill with gifts to her from her clients.
Allow nothing in this business surprise you.
ollieninh said:
I sincerely speak of many things that we have here that are already on the 'cash cow' portion of the product life cycle bell curve .....

Yikes Ken - I am con-fuzzed now :oops: :oops: Sometimes I adore how you guys phrase things!! Point taken and I appreciate you answering me. As I said, I feel so strongly about what we do and yes I am and have always been a loyal CND user but I haven't physically done nails for a while but am heavily involved in the other stuff :rolleyes: ; I guess I wouldn't want anyone to feel that that is the direction we would go because I can never imagine us doing so!!
Now to the Macdonalds in France comment - out of interest was that because of Mad Cows :?: Mickee D's has been in France for a long time now but here in the UK longer :!:
Lastly, I honestly thought it was a Mrs Ken post because you have a very defined style in your writing and presentation (normally :rolleyes: ) and that previous post just didn't feel like you :oops: - simple as that!!! ;)
Hey guys,
Wow this post has proven to stir up quite an interest. I can see how passionate everyone is with regards to retail and the CND products, I must say i used the "out the door" top coat myself for first time the other day, well what can i say but forget the rest use the best.

I can certainly say that I shall be stocking only CND products and as Geeg rightly pointed out it is easy to sell these products as they are tops, super Quality and they do what they say they do so I can understand it now after trying it out, as before I was a little concerned about the price now I am definitely not.

The best of it is as it has also been poited out that it is not sold to just any old joe bloggs this is what i like the most. OPI was something of a large interest for me but I was rapidly put off because of the fact that you can obtain it from QVC and alike, so for that reason felt I would use Orly products well that was until I stumbled across creative. I did a great deal of re search last summer into a lot of companies not just for nails but Beauty also and in all honesty I can say that CND have impressed me the most and more than that is this site which is just fantastic, so for me creative rocks and im sticking with em.

Thanks for the help with the retail advice I have already sold some solar oil and out the door so I am pleased as I have a very very small client base at the moment so I am doing well.

Grace x
Your mention of Orly just brings to mind another case in point.
Orly WAS one of the early professional only products and Orly for decades was not easily available to the general public.
BUT now, is all over the general walkin public beauty supply stores, available to ANYONE who has da MONEY to buy.

Mrs Geek. I probably do NOT sound like myself this holiday. My Dad is going in for surgery Dec 22 and it's severe cancer and we may be losing him this Christmas and we are very stressed.

On the MacDonalds, it is just an illustration. American culture and American business has become so global and will do so even more. And you are all going to see why here some people just LOVE businesses such as Walmart and some people just HATE businesses such as Walmart.
And both viewpoints have valid reasons for doing so.

On Madcow. For us in the USA that had a big impact on our trade relationships with Canada. The USA and Canada can often be like brothers, sometimes fuzzing at each other to no end.
Sawasdee ka

B4 i not retail anything my shop but when i look geek i think yes i try and it is very good for my shop .

I think idea make 100 per cent ruth and olinmihn speak b4 every thing is very good because then easy you keep your book and you very happy when you see you sell some thing because you know you pay half .

If you have a product for sell that lady can not buy easy is very good
for your shop if opi or an
other big companys is give the product to all the phamacys and big store them will just be a revlon up to them they will not be a professional product after short time .

i think geeg speak very good about let the customer make if price good or not because if not good for your shop will not sell but if lady want then you will buy and sell many .

I think the numer 1 idea is buy some product for sell retail and try not buy too much when start and when you sell buy some more .

Kop khun ka mui ka
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