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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
Im home based and only offer nails so retail is somewhat limited - ATM I just sell cuticle oils and the odd file.

Does anyone retail a really lovely smelling hand-cream? I was thinking I could finish the service with it and then sell one (hopefully)!

Does anyone retail anything else successfully to their nail clients? :)
Nail files, hand scrubs, hand creams :) maybe a nail strengthening nail polish is a good idea :)
What hand cream do you sell VBB? :)
I sell quite a few Shellac removal kits. I buy the ready boxed ones but if you use another gel brand you could make some up yourself?

Good idea minkey. A couple of clients have asked me if I can get files with animal fur on one side but I don't know where you get those, does anyone know?
What hand cream do you sell VBB? :)
I work few days a week in a spa, where we sell Leighton Denny retail...overpriced stuff I think. In the salon I do nail extensions they use bio sculpture so they have creams too :) which are ok. As mobile use CND products for treatments so I sell CND retail :) but my favourite is O.P.I. :) I use it myself, but as I don't use any opi polishes or anything, then I don't sell it :) I like selling the same brand that I am using on client :)
What do you use for your treatments?
Sorry if I sound a bit thick, but what do you mean files with animal fur on one side??

Bear in mind those furry manicure runway nails have been doing the rounds on Facebook, so thats all I can picture in my head pmsl!

I used to live near a Sallys, and would raid their sale section/bargain buckets just after Christmas & summer to stock up on fancy files, pedi kits, miniature OPI polishes etc. I would pick loads up for 10p a pop and save it to sell through the year or pop into goodie bags for clients. Gutted I don't live near one now :(
They have file on one side and fur on the other?

I must have a browse in sallys, I'm sure I'm missing out on a few sales
I retail Dadi oil, Microplane footfile, hand creams, Vinylux & topcoats, remove tubes, remover solution 150ml, nail files & RescueRXx. I'm mobile so it's tricky as it's not on show but recommended items and advise what your clients might like or need ☺

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