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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Hi Geeks & Geekettes,

After going on my conversion course last week I couldn't wait to try out my new collection of Retention + and Perfect Colours powders! I have a client who has lovely pink nail beds so I decided to use the clear powder on her. When I finished though, they had a milky colour and not the crystal clear that I thought they would have. :(

Is the problem with me? I was using my new Ultra Sculptor brush (which is the best!), I thoroughly cleaned it of Arabic Gum, the liquid was brand new - so I haven't got a clue what I've done wrong if it was me.

Any help would be brill. Thanks.
Are you sure it was Clear and not Natural?
Natural has a semi opaque tone to it.
..definitely clear. I just checked it to make sure!!!
Yep ... sounds like you used the natural powder to me.

Perfect colour clear is absolutely crystal clear

Perfect colour pink is a crystal clear pink (if that makes sense) and will not 'over' enhance the colour of a nice pink bed. Don't be afraid to use it in that situation.
It does sound like it's the Natural powder but on the tub it definitely says Clear!!! There may have been a packaging problem - I don't know but I will certainly bear in mind what you've said about the Perfect Pink.

Thanks for your help. :D
Give me a buzz and we will investigate
0113-275-5719 xt 224
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