Rhinestones, may sound like a silly question!


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May 18, 2006
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North CHeshire

have been putting rhinestones on BioSculpture gel for a couple of clients. How do you use them in nail art on a regular manicure? What makes them stick.. or not? My niece is bound to want some!
I use some nail adhesive...then cover with clear top coat.

sometimes you can just drop them to set into the nail enamel but i have found them to fall off after a few days.
i use a little dot of nail adhesive applied with a cocktail stick to secure rhinestones. when applying topcoat i prefer not to coat the stones, rather just to go up to the edges as it dulls the shine on them.
I did think that polish alone wouldn't be enough
The sort of adhesive you put tips on with?
Sorry to sound dim!
me neither....i was horrified to think that nail gems where stuck on till i realised thats what we do with tips...:lol:
Well, I had to get tips and do a training day before I did the Bio Sculpture course, but I haven't ever used them, so the glue is 'spare'. I wouldn't glue anything onto my nails!
.... although they'll be stuck onto Nail Polish!
sometimes when you top coat over teh whole gem it can end up looking like a bubble instead. You loose the definition cut lines of it. I stick it on with a bit of adgesive and top coat around the edges.
I have never been able to get rhinestones to stick with top coat only :irked: even though i know this is how lot's of peeps do it ,
I bought a brush on adhesive to do it, It works well for me,better than my normal nozzle adhesive.

what makes me chuckle is when a client comes back after 2 weeks and says
"can you get these gem's off they are doing my head in , i have been trying to bite them off and they wont budge"
than 3 swipes of a 180 and they are all gone .lol
the look on their faces is priceless haha
they say "how the heck did you do that so quick " (coz they never watch)
and I simply reply "I am a professional...its my job " lmao :lol:

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