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Feb 27, 2012
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Hi I am new to salon geek. One of my staff is officially allergic to ingredients found in all nail gels and gel polishes. she does perform other treatments in salon too and now I need to do a risk assessment with her. Any ideas what to do. Thankyou
Thankyou I wasn't expecting such a reply ;0)
Build into it any advice from her doctor.
Good luck!
She has not been told much by her dermatology consultant. All they said is you r allergic with artificial nail ingredients. Just not sure she did nails most of her day and now i need to find her a new job description.
hiya, have a look on the hse.gov website, anything you need to help or write your risk assessment is on there. Have a look also in your health and safety manual for the salon at another risk assessment to give you an idea on what you need xx
also contact the companies whose products you use and get a hazard waste sheet for those products,(there is a name for this but cant remember right now!!) this should contain what to do if someone gets the product on their skin, if you spill product how to dispose of etc xx
Is her alergy one where she has a reaction if she comes into physical contact with it? Or does inhaling the fumes cause a problem too? If it is the first, could she try using surgical gloves? (not ideal but could help when you need her to do nails) if it is the latter, well that leads to way more complications just even working in the salon
I check risk assessments for a living (day job) so if you need any more help or just want someone to scan it over, feel free to PM me! :0)
I already received gelish and calgel for the sheets. Regarding the kind of allergy it's on contact. But she reacts even with gloves on. My concern is tidying up, restocking, clearing up. on busy days after someone has done nails will I b ok to ask her tidy up put things away. She has been in tears over all this as nails were her passion. She did ask few months back if she could do mainly nails. Now I am stuck with staff member not doing much work.
Thank you salj. I am carrying out personalised risk assessment for her on Thursday. I will pm you after that.
no you wont be able to get her to clear up after someone has done nails as you would be putting her at risk, and to be honest its best for you to be on the safe side.

hope you get it sorted xx
just had a thought, i know it would involve getting another system in!(depends if you value this member of staff!) but CND Brisa gel is patented hypoallergenic, not sure where you as to she already has an allergy but may be worth contacting them xxx

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