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Oct 1, 2010
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Basildon, Essex
Hi, I'm looking at buying a roo case or something similar at Olympia.
Does anyone have the Tanzania, Congo or monsoon cases?
They are the 3 Im stuck between.

I've heard that some had problems so wanted to know if they are worth it before I buy one as I've wasted so much on other cases that have fell to bits in a matter of weeks.
I need one to fit my shellac,l&p kit & nail art bits and pieces.
Sam xx
I have the monsoon trolley, I love my trolley and have had lots if comments on how it looks the only thing I dislike about it is how heavy it is, its heavy in its own without all my stuff in! Will try and get a pic up for you to show what I've got in x

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I still have a little bit of room in my case but have all my shellac etc in. I've taken out most if the dividers that come with it - I'm forever reorganising it as a buy more stuff!

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That helps a lot, Thank you!
Its easier to decide when you see items in there because you can sort of see what will go where.
The colour I want in the monsoon case is on offer online but I'm not sure wether they will be the same price at the show or not. Not sure wether to wait or buy now. Xx
They've had some decent discounts lately not sure if that means they will be changing the ranges or not. The top half of the trolley is great to get lamp in and all your bottles can be kept up right no problem. I did originally buy a trolley off ebay and sent it back as I couldn't get my bottles upright!

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That's what I was worrying about. As I don't want to buy a big case and still have to cart around another bag for bottles etc. I look like a bag life as it is since my last case broke lol xx

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