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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Just got back from London an hour ago after attending the Saks Awards for 2004 (I judged and presented Saks Manicurist and Nail Tech of the year).

What can I say about the do? Holy crikey. something like 1,700 people with dancers and models and more drinks than you can shake a martini at. To be honest, it was the coolest awards ceremony for the industry I have been to (and that says a lot as the others are wicked).

Well done to all the winners and the runners up. Oh, and Happy Birthday Saks (30 years now and doesnt look a day over 21)
Any piccies of the winning nails ?????????
Share them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If we can't have the left over Voddy's lets have the pics at least !!!!!!!!

But glad you had a great time xxxxxxxx
Hi Sam,
This is my first attempt at using the 'Geek' site,and replying to some info and questions some chappies might have.
Who actually won the Nail Tech of the year for Saks

Marianne.Shropshire Academy.
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