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Sep 12, 2013
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Hi everybody is anybody noticing a drop in business lately, iv been selfemployed for 5 yrs in beauty salon and business has been better and better then since end of july 13 school hols it just dropped of and doesnt seem to be picking up, im doing usual promotions, texting, websites etc just wondered if anybody felt the same thankyou xx even shop telephone is not ringing alot x
I've found in my salon experience October is notoriously quiet. Picks up again mid November usually. I blame christmas ads starting and folk panic! I use it to do offers on designs I want to try etc x

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We are normally quiet last 2 weeks of oct and first week or 2 in nov! Preparing for an xmas rush now!

P.s hopw things pick up! X

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Glad to know its not just me i do think groupon and the others have ruined the beauty industry too much competition at low low prices thanks guys x
I agree too... Its gone very quiet for me but its giving me loads of time to do other things and prepare :)

The phone is ringing but all the appointments are for December lol x

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