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Jan 25, 2009
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north west
Can anyone recommend a company for salon insurnace

Hi ours is through axa, we use a broker called BJP insurance brokers.(they saved us hundreds) hth

If you want to PM me I will give you more details(i dont have full details with me at the mo)
Balens are very good. I believe they are also the brokers for some of the associations / colleges.

Hi, please complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you when it is convenient. We may need some additional info.
Insurance for Hair Salons & Barbers

Good luck with the business
Hi Helen v. Just opening a salon in Scotland but am finding it a nightmare trying to find out the correct insurance that I require and quotes. Are BJP insurance a local broker in Loughborough or can they be contacted on line ? Any advice would be appreciated.
Can anyone recommend a company for salon insurnace


Hello, I've just taken out a new policy with salon gold. Really competitive and great coverage. They also do interest free monthly direct debits. Just fill out the form on-line and then they will contact you and search for the best quotes. Good luck with your new business.
I'm with Salon Gold too. Never had a problem with them. I pay monthly by direct debit and they were the cheapest from all the quotes I got.
Hey Bellab13,

Why not check out our website, we offer the most comprehensive insurance policy on the market. You can always email me at [email protected] if you have any questions :)

Has anyone else found that their salon insurance renewal quote has shot up? I've just received mine and they want to put it up by 35%!
I haven't made any changes or made any claims - may just be the current climate??
I took a very WELL KNOWN insurance company to the Financial Ombudsman, I WON, they misold me a policy, it took over 2 years but I would not give up. Us little people have to stand up to these bullies. I am so glad I stuck with it and was proved to be right! Check every detail, so glad I found out before paying another years insurance. When I first took out the complaint, I was told "my word against theirs" , I APPEALED, then WON so hoorah !;)clue "michael jackson, as a boy, sung a song which sounds like!!!"
Salon gold is great xx
do these compaines cover professional, public liability aswell as shop and contents?

I am thinking of changing to babtac for my professional but they dont cover the shop or contents.
One thing to check when you're looking for a policy is that it covers contractual disputes. For instance, you do business with a company whose director just disappears and is uncontactable for 9 months, then suddenly out of the blue you're slapped with a law suit for alleged non payment of invoices. Despite being able to prove that those invoices have been paid it will cost you money to prove your innocence. A lot of money. Imagine just how p1ssed off you're going to be when you find that the bit in your policy that says "legal cover" doesn't cover contractual disputes...
Ask me how I know.

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