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Nov 27, 2013
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Ok so i opened my salon in October last year, we have been open 6 months now. We have tried Meevo and Millennium but to be honest it is doing our heads in. I have tried ovatu but it is not for us.
Also trialed Hive which wasn't too great in my opinion. This is what i am after. I want my clients to be able to book online, SMS and email reminders, email marketing, be able to access on my phone or tablet, through an app not a browser, Need to be able to book multiple appointments for clients in one go, not back and forth to do multiple appointments, also i need to be able to check reports on how my stylists have done, i.e. sales reports and so on.
Any help is greatly welcomed.
would be interested to hear what you settled on shortcuts was an option that id been recommended to look at i'm using paper and pencil at the moment
Phorest ticks the boxes but quite expensive. We had Salon Iris before which also ticks the boxes

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