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May 10, 2003
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hi all

i trained to do lash extensions as part of my beauty therapy course using salon systems.
now since ive been mobile i have never had a request to do lashes, ive only ever done my sisters.

ive now had a request to do a couple of sets on saturday and i am really worried about doing it.
when ive done my sisters, the day after a couple of lashes fall out then the rest only last about a week, surely they should last longer???

i thought i better get new stock as dont think the glue will be in date, but my local aston and fincher only sell salon systems or aston and fincher own brand. which is better do you think?

i am also wondering whether I have under-priced myself for lashes - £10, what is everyone else's going rate?
i think its because i dont use marvel lashes, hollywood lashes etc i didnt think I was worthy to charge more using salon systems, cos its under £4 for a pack of lashes.

please help with my dilemas!!

Hi Tina, I definately think you have undersold yourself, dont forget, if you havent been doing lashes frequently it will take you about and hour and a half to do a full set so even if you just charged for your time it would be more than £10!!!! You are worth more :0)) I use AH Francis products and have found the glue to be fantastic, you can order online and they send the same day or the next if it later in the day, however I am sure lots of other people can advise you on other cheaper glues that are just as good. You may find that when you have done your sisters lashes you havent put enough glue on which is why they have fallen out quickly or maybe Sis isnt following the aftercare rules - no water on the lashes for 4 hours after, no steaming or hot baths or swimming the next day and definately no rubbing or picking. Dont forget, if you get flustered, sit back, take a deep breath and start again :0) Hope that helps and good luck. Claudia x
thanks blinkingorgeous

thanks for your tips, i have only allowed 30 mins for each set of lashes, its never taken me that long, maybe thats where im going wrong. the thing is its a hen party so i am quite time restricted.

i have already advertised my price and thats what they have gone by, should i tell them the price has changed or shall i leave it for this one time.

what do you think is a reasonable average price to charge?


I think if its only taking you 30 mins Im presuming thats not a full set so me personally would leave it at that price for this occasion only as its going to be difficult to tell them its changed, you might want to tell them that this is a special offer or something and you would normally charge .... Im recently qualified and Im going by the area Im in, the salon in our local high street charges £90 per full set with a 1 week later free infill for the same brand that I use. Im charging £60 for a full set and £35 for a half set and £20 for infills, however, I have never charged that yet!!! I have a 25% off offer and will keep that running until I can get my application time down. I would definately, in future, charge £20 for a half set and £30-£40 for a full set, you dont want to undersell yourself. Just a quick tip, dont forget that when you put the false lash in the glue, when you take it out there should be about 3 bobbles of glue on the lash, then stroke 3 times on the natural lash, wipe on the gel pad and place on the lash (hope Im not telling you how to suck eggs, forgive me if I am :0)) also was that you on a previous thread, do you use gel pads to keep the bottom lashes out of the way? Hope all that helps and hasnt confused you even more!!!!:hug: Claudia x
I'm assuming your using the cluster / flare lashes and the pricing is around £10-£15 up here in the north east. But you could price it per amount - or fullset or 2 layers of lashes.
Oh sorry Tina, I was assuming you were using the individual eyelash extensions, in which case Im not sure my advice is of any use, good luck anyway :lol: Claudia xx
hi claudia

you have been very helpful, thanks, the ones i use yeah have bout 3 lashs per piece, are these not semi - permanent as well or do they not expect to last longer.
to be honest i didnt realise there was a difference.

i was actually waiting for Olympia, to look round and find someone to do training with cos i really would like to emphasise on doing false lashes.


yes claudia

it was me on a previous post because when we done lash training at college, gel pads were never mentioned.

Tina, it maybe that you dont need to use gel pads with the cluster lashes, I havent had any experience with thoses lases so I dont know how long they should stay on for, all I can say is "phew" as I was thinking "wow 30mins for a set of lashes I must be soooo slow" but at least thats cleared that up and I dont feel quite so bad :) I do have to say it seems like the individual lashes are really taking off and if you can get some training done you will be in at the start :) I only asked about the gel pads cos theres no way I could do lashes without them keeping the lower lashes out the way but as I said Im sure its different with the clusters. Take care, Claudia x

I do both sets of lashes, cluster ones are known as party or express lashes and I charge £20 for those but I do use a no odour strong bonding adhesive so my clients get 2-3 weeks out of them and they take about 20 minutes to apply
The Individual lashes takes me roughly about 80 minutes to apply and I charge £65 for a full set and £20 for an infill.

Hope this helps


could you tell me the name of the glue that you use, i just use the glue that comes with the lashes but you can tell that its not the best of the glues and its probably that that is causing me the nightmares in the first place.

I use the glam lash glue! I love it!
thanks KarenRose

I do both sets of lashes, cluster ones are known as party or express lashes and I charge £20 for those but I do use a no odour strong bonding adhesive so my clients get 2-3 weeks out of them and they take about 20 minutes to apply


do you get your clients back to take them off?, how much do u charge for this?
You shouldnt be using glam lash glue for cluster lashes, these are not semi permanent eyelash extensions, they are only supposed to last about a week, if you use the wrong glue for the wrong lashes you risk damaging the natural lash.

If you are looking for something longer lasting than the cluster/individual lashes, you should have a look at a semi permanent eyelash extension course.

There was a recent thread regarding individual lashes very similar to this thread, take a look.

kelly x

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