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Mar 18, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I went for a interview a couple of days ago for a job in a local salon part time, they have phoned me back saying yes they are interested in employing me, but asked me what sort of money would I be expecting to earn. They said what would you prefer hourly rate or a percentage.

I would prefer a percentage but what do I ask for? I will be using all their products, is 50/50 a fair percentage to ask, or is that too much?

Can anyone who employees or is employed by a salon give me any ideas what to ask for.


You get the 60, they get the 40.
You are responsible for doing all the work and keeping the clients. Buying the product and providing the space is easy - YOU are the one on whose shoulders rests the reputationof the business.

60 - 40
Well like Geeg said 60-40% in your favour seems fair..............

Do you know which product line they are using?
Would you stake your reputation on it, for durability, reliability and great look ???
Just a thought, because I have come across many Salon owners who say they will supply the product, only to find it is an inferior product, yellowing, MMA, thin cheap range resin, fibreglass and Silk with to much adhesive on the back so no matter how good your skills, you get a naff result..........

So just a word of caution, check it out , but if all is well go for the 60% in your favour.........

Just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxxx
Sawadee Ka

In Thailand lady work salon maybe have pay by month or by percentage in my salon i do diferent i pay salary and then after staff have take more for shop than salary i give 25 or 30 perecent to staff percentage.

If lady can manicure pedicure facial paint nail do man and ladys hair she earn more than lady that can only do hair so my shop the more customer you have the harder you work the more pay you have every month .

If lazy you not earn money my shop i want lady want to learn and have good heart for shop and do number 1 job for customer .

I do this because i want best staff and staff happy and earn money for there family i want them want customer and do good job so customer come back my shop .

I think if lady can have salary and smaller percentage good for her and family and then after small time good for shop when she have many customer come to her .

In my shop have ya she earn more than every one because many customer only want her for do there hair make up and paint nail and nail art .

She number one my shop .

Kop khun ka mui
I'm thinking of approaching a local hair salon to off my nail art services every other Saturday and was also wondering how much I should offer the owner? Should it be a fixed amount for each Saturday I work there or a percentage? There is no other place in my town that offers nail art so i should be pulling in a lot of custom for the salon :D .
Sawadee ka

if you work in salon and do nail art it is good for salon then them get lady haircut or make hair and some make up wev have lady come do hair make up and nail polish and art all one day ad customer come beacuse of the nail art have many salon here do hair but them come to us .

When you speak to salon tell them good for all there buisness if them have ail art .

Kop khun ka

Sawadee Ka Geeg

There is a cost to the salon the salon pays rent elec water if salon pay out for rent elec water 30000 baht one month and have 4 staff cost to salon 7500 each person before salon start making money that before if you good heart and pay some salary .

Salon owner have the reputation of the busiess with staff them have work it very serious only have people ca work and speak customer good .

Your space and products cost money i have new idea for salon and everyone happy when i ready i open one new .

Kop khun ka mui
Thanks Geeg, 60/40 in my favour sounds great, I'll put that to salon owner next week and see what she's says.

I get the impression that they have not employed a tech before. There is two nail techs in the salon (mother and daughter), and it has been open for about 3 years and it seems busy all the time, hence the reason for a third tech.

Thanks for your reply too Ruth, they are a Creative salon through and through. That was the main reason I applied for the job, as I used to working with creative L&P, don't think I could go back to using anything else now. They said they would phone me next week when they are a bit quieter and make arrangements for me to go in and go through everything with me. I can't wait to start now.

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