sawasdee ka geeg


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Jul 27, 2003
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Geeg sawasdee ka

I see you online i am in bangkok it is nearly 11 nitetime .

I go look nail salons and have tomorrow for do same and sunday i go village .

But what i speak is this today i see some things i not beleive have people do nail no education and if i had give name this nails i would speak liquid nails :| if somebody go salon in Thailand like this from your country i think i would die of shy .

In Thai i know Thai people like learn but people are going alone .

When i can i will speak more later .

Mui from the land of smiles .
Hi Mui,

Where have you been, you havent been online for ages!!

Hope to chat soon
Hi Mui, nice to see you back online again...............
We have missed you.........

Oh dear, Nails in Bangkok, but we know that not all Technicians are like this!!!!!
Training is so important, but some Technicians all around the world, think they only have to watch a few times and then can do nails..........
So they go an buy some L&P practice a little bit and then make nails..........and when the nails are not good, then say the L&P is not good, they will not admit that it is their fault , because they havn't had the training to use it properly........and make good nails....

It's not good, but it does happen all over the world..............
This is one of the reasons that creative do not sell their L&P, to unqualified or converterd technicians...........

But nice to hear from you again xxxx
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