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Nails at Home

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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
I'm going back to the subject of sculptures again :( I've just done some on a "friend" client. She didn't know what she wanted exactly but she knew she wanted her nails longer. 8 nails had a decent length on them already so although I'd rather do tips at the moment I thought it a shame to file her natural nails down to prepare them for tips so did the sculptures instead :rolleyes: . Have only been doing sculptures for 4 weeks as I was taught briefly how to to do them on the Bio Sculpture training day I took. They recommended sculptures instead of tips. Anyway, back on Monday I had my assessment with Bio Sculpture and it went extremely well - the sculpture I did turned out perfect - of which was confirmed by a good few people who saw it :D :D . Trouble is I think it was pure luck as since then I've done a few more sculptures and haven't been very pleased with the results at all :oops: :oops: :oops: . Tonight's effort has made me ask for help and advice!

Most of the nails weren't that smoothly rounded off although they looked ok when I filed them. As soon as I'd put the colour gel on and cured it I could really see the imperfections :oops: :( :oops: . As a matter of curiosity how long did it take any of you guys to master doing sculptures and does anyone find doing tips much easier as they don't get on with sculptures? Do Creative hold special training days solely for doing sculptures or would it be recommended to even have some one on one tuition on them?

Any tips or help would greatly be appreciated!!

Also, is it just me or does anyone else feel really bad letting someone go with nails that you're not satisfied with but you've still taken their money? :oops: :oops: :( My friend was happy enough with the nails but I can't help thinking that she's just saying that. :( Did her acrylics with tips once before and I think they turned out MUCH nicer :)
hi ya...creative do a master class in sculptured booked on the next one at leeds...sept 9th...and they said most peeps wouldnt of done sculps before so itll be good for costs £75 plus vat...1-2-1 training would be a good idea too, i couldnt get in for 1-2-1 at leeds so ive booked some 1-2-1 at bridlington...vicx
Thanks for the quick response Nailtique! :D As I haven't done any training at all with Creative yet will I still be able to do one of those classes :?
hi ya...i dont know hun...u may have to do a creative conversion first, i wouldnt have a clue, im sure mr and mrs geek will inform you on their return...vicx
Thanks Nailtiqe! :) :) Maybe Geeg could help??? ;) ;)
Hiya, I use Bio-sculpture and find that the sculpting gel sticks to re-usable forms like glue and sometimes find it damn hard to remove the forms! :evil: I also find the sculpting gel quite runny and it slides down the forms if you don't cure quickly leaving a weird shape nail that needs lots of shaping which bumps up my set time loads :oops: ! Because of this I tend to stick to tips and overlays mostly and just use sculptures on overlays when the odd nail needs extending, or when nails are longish already and they only want the extensions a tiny bit longer.
you don't need to be having problems with sculpting gel. admittidley, sculpting with acrylic is much easier, but gel can give to same result too. just remember, if you choose to do a sculpting course, make sure it is specifically for gel, as the workability is completely different to acrylic.

you want to prepare the nail as usual, but make sure you file the nails shorter before you apply the form. this will make it easier for you to apply the form and then the product. when scupting with gel, i tend to apply a very thin layer on the tip of the nail only and once i have the product in place i put the finger under the lamp for 10-15 seconds to freeze the product. this will allow me to work on the other nails without worrying about the product moving. i'v tried this with a thin gel and it works ok. once the whole hand has been applied, i cure for the reccommended time, remove the forms and the dispertion layer, and i then file my free edge to shape and GENTLY buff the surface on the gel to smooth. i'll then carry on with my overlay as usual.

i hope this info helps, let me know how you get on
Thanks for the advice ladies :) One more question though, if the client has a decent length nail which may be shorter than the others and just wants a lengthened sculpture until it catches up with the others would there be a strong chance of it breaking off easier? :?
Hi Nails at Home

No you shouldn't have any problems extending a slightly shorter nail. I've often done this and found they stay beautifully. The only problem I do sometimes encounter is that product may form a lip underneath, which annoys the hell out of me, but doesn't seem to bother the client (I know.... not the best solution, but I do try :rolleyes: )

Thanks Adele for the advice - I think I know what you mean by the lip and this has happened to me too :( Oh well, if the client doesn't mind then we shouldn't but we always want perfection don't we?

You like the picture? It's my friends little girl called Rebekka - I look after her and her older brother and sister sometimes and I just loooooooooooove her to bits - always gives me kisses and cuddles when I need them! So georgeous I wanted her as my little trademark! :D
Nails at Home said:
Thanks for the quick response Nailtique! :D As I haven't done any training at all with Creative yet will I still be able to do one of those classes :?

You would need to learn the system 1st by doing the Creative Conversion; we would also need to know how long you have been doing nails BEFORE the booking of the conversion as we hold a 1 year stipulation. There is a great class for you for the future called 'Creative Illusions' - the art of sculpting. Call 0113 275 0433 Education direct line and the Academy Advisers will errr :huh: advise you!! :oops:
Thanks Mrs Geek - have already today spoken to somebody who's given me a contact name to check if I can have an assessment to decide whether I can start doing the conversion workshops and day courses with you - will be calling them tomorrow - otherwise I'll just have to wait until November which will make it one year since taking my Star Nails course. :(
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