Second CND lamp?


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Sep 16, 2007
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I'm debating whether to get a second cnd lamp and just wondering how many of you have two and use at the same time, not just one spare as a back up?
Definitely a must as far as I'm concerned. More comfort for my ladies too. Go for it!! x
I only use one at a time as I can't usually beat the lamp when painting. Having said that I have two, had to buy another one when it broke down. I've had quite a few problems with the lamps braking, especially in the early days and I can't be lampless as I'm so busy, so have two for peace of mind.

I have two as it's more comfortable for the client during a manicure - they don't have to reach across. It doesn't make a massive difference timewise thought the second colour coat an top coat usually overlap.
I have two and use them both at the same time, I have to say its made a big difference for me.

I don't always beat the lamp but majority of the time I do (second colour coat, art etc) so it helps out with that. I find my clients are less likely to mess up their nails, get fluff on them etc now I have 2 lamps. The positioning of my clients is now easier for me too, I used to have the one lamp to the clients left and they'd always twist their bodies towards it, even if I moved it which could be uncomfortable for them and me. It's also helped with my bigger and older clients who find it a lot more comfortable. Other than that I now have the back up of the second lamp should one break. Here's a pic which shows my set up


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I have always had 2 of all the lamps I have purchased. Can help cut down on time and more comfortable for the client with no criss crossing over. And as already said, you at least have one as a backup if the other is out of order.
My clients don't cross over I just move the lamp from side to side otherwise I agree it would be pretty u comfortable.

I have always worked with 2 lamps as it is much easier for my clients. Due to buying a Shellac package earlier this year I now have 3 lamps so that I have a back up too, as I would hate to just work with one lamp now.

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