Secret Santa for 17 year old girl ideas needed


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Aug 1, 2010
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Hi geeks so time to start thinking about secret Santa for Xmas I have to buy a gift for 17 year old girl many things I could buy but trying to think of something nice she would like our limit is £10 so makes it harder. Any ideas or links would be much appreciated thanks all x
Depends what she's into, is she a girly girl? into bands etc? xx
Salon services hav quite a good range of gift sets, smelly stuff and hair stuff.

costume jewellery, next hav some nice perfumes for cheap, make up set.......
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A small organza bag containing two or three of the following - mascara, lipgloss, eyeliner, nail oil, polish, top coat, nail file, candle, sweets...........
or Slippersocks & Hot Water Bottle
or Cinema voucher
or Girls Night-In kit - Face pack, chocolate, bottle of wine
(my favourite) :smack:
Salon Services have nice Christmas gifts, the Burlesque OPI minis are gorgeous! xXX
I would probably do a trendy handbag of some sorts. These days you can easily get something good for 10.00 or under.
i like the little pouch idea! :D

just wanted to add to the ideas with the pouch you can also buy teeny tiny perfumes, they are sample size (i think) that you can also include.

this sounds so so cheap haha but nevermind i know in places like savers they sell them at the baskets near the tills. i haven't been to a savers for absolute years so mebbe things have changed, but anyway last time i was inthere they had them near the tills :D they weren't all cheap i smell of cat wee perfumes btw haha they were all designer/branded ones. though i very much doubt they were new releases kwim? but it's a nice touch i think :D

you can also put a few sequins in the pouch too to make it that little bit more special :D you know what else i think would be fab? one of them big versions of the purple quality street chocolates popped in too! :D

try boots for the 3 for 2 section they have gorge stuff!!
Superdrug have wee size perfumes too.

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