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Jun 7, 2006
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I've been in business for myself for just over a year now. I am a mobile beauty therapist doing most basic treatments including nail extensions.

I'm going through a quarter life crisis and have decided that I want to live life to the full and go off to Egypt and work for abit (not sure how long, depending on if I like it).

Anyway, I have got quite a few clients as you can imagine. I was planning to find another therapist to take my clients when I leave as I don't them being left having to find another person and a lot of them have said that they would like me to do this. I was talking to a couple of my clients the other day who said I could sell my business as a going concern (think thats what she called it), with the clients and good will.

I'm not very business minded but if I could do this it would help for money towards my trip.

Has anyone else done this or bought clients like this? I feel like abit of a people traffic'er doing it!

Thanks for your time. xx
I was going to sell my mobile business when I lived in Camberley, but I never managed to find a way of doing it. One of the therapists I knew said she would buy my list of clients' off me. Then one of my clients said you can't do that for data protection reasons.

So in the end I didn't bother. Shame really as I had loads of clients and there aren't that many mobile therapists out there!
You CAN sell your clients list, it is called good will,
as for data protection, you would be selling to another therapist that would treat the information on the cards just as you would, private, only for the eyes of the therapist and named client,

the thing is with selling your clients list to someone else you can not guarantee that the clients will go to the new therapist

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