Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions


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Aug 15, 2010
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Hi, Im recently qualified using AH Francis which I absolutely adore and am having a great time making such a drastic change in peoples appearance. Ah Francis do something called an Audrey Hepburn sweep which is eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye. I was just wondering if anybody had done the training for this, is it worth doing or is it something you can adapt yourself?? I think they do the training in conjunction with the fast lashes but it seems quite expensive to do the course!!!!! Any help would be much appreciated and if Iv made any boobs Im sorry but this is the first time iv been on here :lol: thank yooooo Claudia
Different companies call this look different things. It is just using longer and possibly thicker lashes in the outer corners to give a very flirty flick effect. Have a go at them yourself before forking out any more money. There are times when I could scream where companies offer more and more courses when they are really not necessary. We are in business as are the companies who do the training, always bear that in mind. If you need the training then that is a different matter.

Just have a go on a willing friend, I think you will be fine. Happy Lashing! :green:
Thanks Sheila, thats what I figured and I have already asked a friend if she fancies being a guinea pig!!!! Hopefully it will be as easy as I think it will be, once again thank you for your response xx

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