Semi permanent lash glue

Can anyone tell me the best semi permanent lash glue? I use lash perfect glue but unsure on it now 😔


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I've used Lash Perfect adhesive for years and am also a little unsure now as I have suddenly had a couple of long term clients have a reaction. A friend who used to work in the Lash Bar in Carnaby Street has also had about 5 of her clients have a reaction so not sure if they have changed the formula in some way

There are tons of threads and a poll on the best products for lash extensions so do a search and you should find something

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I've always used eyelash emporium glue, I haven't used any others but from word of mouth I've heard bad things from others so not risking changing when this one works perfectly for me!xx


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For me I find the nova lash platinum bond has fantastic retention. Its flexibility and softness makes it a better lash experience for the customer. U do have to do specific training with them to be able to buy it. But worth it


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Lash fx and flirties are great x


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I like all 3 Flirties however my face is Flirties ultra though very fast x
Thanks everyone! Will try a different lash glue and see how what I think 😃 thanks girlies


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I've used flirties and eyelash emporium before however recently I have switched to marvel lash fast set glue, I used it years ago and it was no good but seems a lot better now and just as good as the others I've used had no issues whatsoever in comparison to flirties or eyelash emp. It's easier for me to get hold of from local wholesalers so no postage costs and think it's slightly cheaper too

It really is personal preference so trial and error is definitely they way to go! Lashbase extreme plus is my current favourite though.


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It's down to the individual Flirties are the best for me x

i love flirties ultra best ive used x