Semi permanent lashes ruining own lashes?


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Apr 19, 2013
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Ok so don't jump down my throat but I only ever had semi perm lashes done once and after they'd grown out my lashes were a shadow of their former selves, stumpy and short. I understand that after having lovely long lashes my own would seem shorter but they took months to grow back full again.
As a therapist it totally put me off even training in them.
Can anyone help? X

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Were they Definatly semi pemanent as there are different sorts of lashes. Do you know which products /lash company was used on you ?
If application is right then there is no damage to natural lashes at all unfortunately many training courses are poor and lots of people are not perfecting the technique before passing and offering the treatment

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I've been wearing Lash Perfect semi-perm lashes since April 2011, I go for 30 minute infills every 3 or 4 weeks. I give them a comb in the morning, other than that I don't touch them. I never pull or rub them, I don't ever put mascara on them. I have little loss between appointments and when I do loose a lash, I can see the length of my natural lash with the fake lash attached and know that it is an old lash that was ready to be lost. I think if the client is educated properly in the care of the lashes and adheres to the care instructions, then there is no need for any damage to the natural lash
It should actually have the opposite effect!
People who wear mascara every day actually find that if they have extensions instead, their lashes actually grow!
Some people use mascara that is out of date, tug on their lashes when applying and scrub their lashes too much when removing them which can cause premature loss. You touch your lashes a lot less with extensions on so they should actually grow more as long as they are applied properly!

If your lashes have been applied properly - they will never damage your own lashes.... Unless you damage them yourself ignoring aftercare rules.. :)

I've had lots of regular clients that have their lashes done for 2-3 years with no break and their lashes are always as new. In case of those clients - we do full set every time, not infils.

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