Send me a private message....anybody... PLEASE


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Cameo Val

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May 20, 2004
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All the time I have been on this site I have only had one private message. It was lovely to come on line and see that someone had sent a message to lil ole' meeeeeeeeee. Yes yes I know.......... I am a right sad old git, but I liked having a private message. So here's an invite to anyone to send me a private message, promise I will write back.

(ok, this is an amendment to this message which was sent ages ago.... and seems to have somehow got back on the system.) thank you all so much for your messages, they were lovely at the time, but now PLEASE STOP, I'm not a billy no mates any more. Message box full, lots of lovely messages received and really appreciated. Thank you all.

Love Val
Love Val
ive sent you a pm val.
Aww shame!!! I've sent ya one too!!!! You'll soon wish you'd not said anything, lol.
Aww, i know what you mean, its like oh someone wants to talk to I've sent you one too.
I've sent ya one 2 you'll soon be wishin u neva posted this thread LOL
There you go another to add to your collection. You may want to change your name if we all keep this up and you in box will be pretty
i'll send u one next week hun, just to even it out a little!:D
val your pm box is full !!! you cant complain now lol :D , love dee
:D Hi Val,
I bet you've had loads of messages now you will be inundated! I only joined the site on sunday so will be happy to recieve any advice on the best places to visit, and you can let me know a bit about youself too.

Love Mel :D
I've sent you one too....see what you've let yourself in for!!
Just sent you one Val.
lol....this is sooo funny...i have booked you in for 1 next week also....something to look forward to. what are u like...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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