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Jun 21, 2013
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I have a 18 hour job only thursday,friday & saturdays, working in a brewery, it is the easiest job in the world, best job i have ever had! I basically get paid to sit about if anything, it is stress free and i would be stupid to leave it. There is no other over time available, unless the other girl books off, she works the 4 other days of the week.

I am also doing beauty treatments in between, only started in June and this month has been very quiet :(

I owe my parents money around 2 grand, plus i have direct debts coming out monthly (Which i am managing at the moment) But i also have to pay my laptop and car insurance these next two months.

However i have £200 in my saving account (Saving to pay off the £450 laptop first then the £600 car insurance), and living on £30 petrol till i get paid again Friday!! Petrol is fine, i only drive when i need too..

However it really made me feel low today, when my dad started asking for his money, for me to pay my board again and my bills off.
I really debating if i should find a full time job and be miserable again, or just pay off what i can, and just take each day as it comes till something works out?

I was getting a little cash from beauty treatments, but this month has killed my bank, i haven't been able to save much or give cash to my parents!!
There is also so much training i would like to do so i can be completely self employed and work myself too the top.
I know everything takes time, but today it has hit me like a ton of bricks.
I don't mind living off little as possible, i have been doing so. But i want to progress so quick, i don't have money to go into further training which i know would benefit me and pay off my bills. In the long term.

I'm at wits end today.. I start my level 2 counselling today, hoping i can complete it all and become a counselor as well as being a beauty therapist, but my dreams are being crushed, i am so not in the mood to even attend, but i am determined to stop moaning and take that first step and go, once i go i should be ok.. But ugh i need a good rant and i wanna run!!

I feel stuck, i was hoping a outside view would help more? Can't feel like i can talk to any one i know.
Aww it sounds like you are trying to do too much all at once.
How many days is your counselling course?

Could you look for a part time day job on the other days?

Most of my mobile work is evenings & weekends. So to work part time in the day makes sense for me.

Can you choose to pay your car insurance monthly? I know it works out a little more, but saves you worrying about getting a lump sum together soon.

Hope you sort something out :) & enjoy your new course!

I would say get a full time job or find another part time job and do your business in the evening till you get clients in. That way you are not worrying about money and you can pay your parents off, save for courses and still do your business.

Its is hard but once you build a stable business it will be ok.

Im ever so lucky as I have been able to quit work and focus completely on my business and level 3 hair. I was in the same position a couple of years ago but I was working a full time job. Attending college in the evenings and doing clients after that and at weekends. So I would be on my feet non stop for 13 hours a day.

It is do-able but you need the commitment. You can't allow days off untill you know you have a stable business and a good following of clients. Which means your going to need to work a couple of jobs to pay debts etc and gain clients. X

Laura x
Aw thank you. Yea. The counselling is only Tuesdays at 5 till 7? I think, one day a week, so hardly anything. I am determined and impatient also. I wanna be at the top, but money is getting in the way a lot more now. I tried doing a search, but because I work Thursday Friday from half 11 in the morning, it kinda clash. Ill post a add on gumtree asking, I also do avon as well to try and get that little extra cash in, plus that benefits me around Xmas when getting gifts.x
I am a carer part time, the money is good. Its on a 1-2-1 basis with just 1 lady, if I wasnt doing that Id be looking for other part time work ie Sunbeds, pubs, bars. Just go round with a CV. Also go to the shopping centre lots of placed will want part time staff soon.

Right..... Firstly I think maybe your focusing on too many things at once (I could be wrong).
Your doing Beauty Therapy, working in a brewery, training to be a counselor and maybe its too many things.
If I were you I would work out which you really want to do and focus on that 1 thing for now.
You said you want to be at the top but at the top of what?
I would decide if I want to be a beauty therapist and if so get a full time job doing that or if you want to be a counselor you could leave the beauty work leave the brewery and find a full time job that will pay your bills and give you enough money to live off and do the part time counselor course.
Stop, work out which you want to do for a career and them focus on it.
It just seems like you've got too many thoughts in your mind and your getting abit muddled.
Hth x
I agree with a couple of posts...
I read it and I got confused with all the things you seem to be doing so no wonder your confused.
We all want things at once and right now but realistically you need to focus on one thing.
If I was you I'd get a full time job. You say you don't want to be miserable but not all jobs are like that?!
Then save up money and you could do beauty on some evenings too.
Then at least you can pay your parents back and also be able to go on more training etc like you want to do xx
I agree with what everyone else has said. You really need to have a sit down with yourself and work out your priorities.

Personally, I would focus on getting your debts paid off first and by doing that you're going to have to get more work.

The great thing about beauty though is that you can do it at any time. So if you were to quit the brewery and get a full time job to double your current wages, you could possibly quadruple them by working evenings and weekends doing beauty.
I am not doing anything that is too much, i have done way more before..

Right i work 18 hours in a Brewery, split over thursday, friday & Saturday, so i am usually home around half 5, sometimes i may have a client booked in after, it is a easy job, gives me time to advertise my beauty business with the free wifi :) I sometimes get clients fitted in after my job, so from 6pm i usually go to only one clients house, which takes me 2 hours for nails, due to traveling, might have that just on a Thursday or even a Friday ..

Sunday,Monday & Wednesday, i am free, i have nothing to do, apart from maybe one client, if i am lucky. I try and get people booking in, if i can.

Tuesdays, free, from 5pm i go 20Mins down the road to a counselling session, level 2, for 30 weeks, hardly anything, only for 2 hours.

My priorities? I would like to become a beautician (Qualified, in SPMU, teeth Whitning, and massage, however i need money and my own place, it is my goal, it is going to take a long time, unless i found a partner and moved in with him blah blah and house shared?)

Counselling, i am only doing level 2, should go up to Level 4, in lets say, two years? I would want to counsel from home, or school, or which ever path i decide to take..

Am i taking on too much? Nope, not at all. This is my career, is isn't impossible, i am a highly driven person, as far as i know, in my family i am the only one who's working towards a good career.

I am not stressed out over the "amount" i am doing, the only thing is bothering me is lack of money, because of my lovely stress free part time job, and not having a good client base, it has caused me to rethink, to get "advice" An outsider view?

I am trying to build my client base up, lets say, i have around 4 regulars, but they aren't pre-booked in, i am lacking a business approach from the beauty side, i have tried advertising, flying, various other options.

I felt good coming back from that counselling course.

P.S i kicked myself in the backside, because i was booked on to a business starter course, however due to starting my new job in the may i couldn't afford to book the time off.
Then you are going need to do more with respect to working. As others have said maybe quit your part time job to gain a full time one. Or get another part time job. Either way you look at it the part time job and your business isn't giving you what you need.

Laura x
I would get another part time job Sunday, Monday & Wednesday, Or get a full time job
I'm not knocking you at all but I think your wanting too many things in one go!
If you want beauty to be your career, why are you doing the counselling course for 2 years?
Wouldn't it make sense to go and get a beauty job full time, and you'll be doing beauty and earning a full time wage.
Therefore earning more money in the career you want to be in, which will enable you to move out and pay off debts and do the things you want to do.
I'm not knocking you at all but I think your wanting too many things in one go!
If you want beauty to be your career, why are you doing the counselling course for 2 years?
Wouldn't it make sense to go and get a beauty job full time, and you'll be doing beauty and earning a full time wage.
Therefore earning more money in the career you want to be in, which will enable you to move out and pay off debts and do the things you want to do.

I am doing beauty now? But things are quiet and i only just started in June, it's not hurting me spending one evening a week to train and have two amazing careers, i.e i can do beauty in the evenings mobile, counselling in the daytime in schools, or when i qualify and get my own place i can do both then? I don't get how i can not do two. If anything i an giving myself an advantage, two good careers which are transferable if i wished to move to another part of the UK? hence why i am passionate about doing both.

I do agree, i am trying to find a part time job seeing things are quiet, i will get some numbers off agencies and see what i can do tomorrow, see if i can work it out.
I dont think anyone is saying too much as in you have no time, just maybe too many things to think about instead if focusing on one.

Ideally you need cash soon for debts, laptop & car insurance... So if you could find a full time or part time on your days off this would solve that problem & get you money for extra training, whilst your beauty picks up :) even if its just til March would help speed up the process.

It is admirable to gain qualifications for counselling looking at your long term career path.

Id love to be a social worker, but as I have my own house I don't have the time to study full time for an access to HE course, & work enough to pay all my bills.
Yes of course you can do both, I wasn't saying you couldn't, best of luck with everything :)
How about you quit the brewery (after finding a full time job), do your counselling course on Tuesday evenings and do a bit of beauty perhaps, Wed and Thurs evening and Saturday mornings until you've paid your debts off and the beauty business has picked up with more clients. Then you've still got Monday evening, Friday evening and Sunday all to yourself.

It took me years and years to get the clients I have now. Mostly through word of mouth. I worked 2 other part time jobs when I first started and had a baby to look after. Just be patient, if you're work is good, your clients will recommend you but it all takes time. I couldn't quit my other 2 part time jobs until 5 years after I started.

Get those debts paid off and your dad off your back first. :wink2:

Good luck xxx
I have a induction or something Wednesday for factory work, so hopefully I can do that till business picks up, explained The days I'm free, they seemed alright by it, so fingers crossed I can get extra cash in, otherwise back to the drawing board :) and hopefully I can save a lot quicker and even get myself in more training, hope this goes right .

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