sewn in hair extensions help!!


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Sep 23, 2010
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ive done my sewn in hair extension training and have ad quite a few clients already. the problem is that one of them complained that the hair extensions came loose, after 5 days, so a retightened for free and now 3 weeks later she is complaing again that the other 2 r loose and feel like they r falling out.
can any one tell me what im doing wrong, i thought they were tight but not too tight and i dont know why they r coming loose.
i advised my clients that they would be 4-6 weeks beforre needing a maintence visit.

my braids r good and i sew then back on themselves and double thread the thread when sewing the weft in.

if anyone has any advise that would be appriciated as im not sure if the client is following the aftercare and how would i know anyway

thanks in advance x x
When you braid one row of hair how much hair extensions hair are you sewing to one row of the braid? Are you using synthetic braiding hair to add to the clients own hair when braiding?

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