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Apr 1, 2012
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I am very new to spray tanning, I don't actually have my training till next week.
I am off on a hen weekend in June, staying in a cottage, with a night in on the Friday and out on the town the Saturday night. I was thinking about offering to bring my equipment and spray anyone who wants it on the Friday night.
My thinking is there are quite a few girls I don't know so potential clients. But would I do the sprays for free or charge? Or is that cheeky to charge? But I don't want to use too much product for nothing or would it be such a minimal amount anyway? There are 12 of us including me and the hen.
What do you think?

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I think it's a great idea you need to charge something though to at least cover your costs x
Maybe mention it beforehnd to the hens and see what they think! Even if you just charge £8 or so for the solution x
Well in theory if you use 50ml per tan and a 1 litre bottle costs you £35 (example) then each tan costs you £1.75... :) So if you were to charge £5 a tan you'd still cover your costs and potentially get some new clients :) Or at least some pictures for your portfolio ;)
Personally I would wait, if you haven't trained yet you could have 11 unhappy potential clients ? Is it worth the risk ?
Sorry just a thought !
Jojo x
Sorry just read your post again ! And realised the hen do not till June, so plenty of time to practice ! I would definitely charge, maybe offer 25% off your normal price as it would be a group session. Be careful with giving treatments away, remember you are a professional at the end of the day.:lol::lol:
I'd do it but I wouldn't massively discount!

Why should you when you would of had more than enough time by then to perfect it?

Maybe charge £10 each because there are quite a few clients. x
I would ask the hen to mention your willing to do tans on the first night there at £x (whatever you decide you need to cover costs).

Make sure she does this in plenty of time as I know I would go and get a tan done before going on the doo if I was someone who was inclined to be tanned on nights out.

If you hope to get these people to be your clients then they would need to know all the do's & don'ts beforehand too - a tan won't last as long without exfoliation beforehand, it might not take at all if they have been slatherting on creams etc...

I think it sounds like a fab idea but you need groundwork to be done before the holiday to ensure you get good results from those who do decide to tan with you and so your not carting everything there for them to all chicken out on you last minute.
Thank you all so much for the advice. I think i'll mention it and gain a bit of an idea if they fancy it. And i should charge at a discount. Will my machine cope with 11 sprays though???

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Depends on which machine you have... the TS50 should - the 20... probably not...

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