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Jun 26, 2012
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Morning Hair Geeks,

Just popped over from Beauty to see if you can help me?

I have fine hair but lots of it and for the last year whatever shampoo Im using makes my roots so greasy - they feel horrid like I've not washed conditioner out. Only I don't use conditioner (I use a leave in spray by Davines on the ends only) and always rinse my hair really thoroughly.

I'm currently using a professional loreal shampoo from Sally that has done the same on the second use.

Can anyone recommend a good shampoo for fine hair that won't make my roots greasy?

I'm at my wits end trying to find the right one and it's costing me a fortune everytime another type doesn't work.

Many thanks

Charlotte :)
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Y dnt you try nioxin. Nioxin is for thining hair. One of my clients is the same she had to wash her hair everyday when she started using nioxin. She only washes her hair twice a week. Nioxin makes your hair squeaky clean xx
Thanks for the advice...I'll give it a go! :)
Nioxin is for thinning hair not thin hair... I would try something from kerestase or body ful by redken and always shampoo twice and condition from the pony tail down and only a 1 pound coin size

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