She cut my hair - I'm mortified


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Mar 10, 2007
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Well, this weekend I decided it was time for a cut. I hadn't had my hair cut in around 6 or 7 months because I was trying to grow it out. I would deep condition regularly, but I could only delay so long... sometimes you just need to cut off the ends!

I went to a local place that seemed to be okay, and it took her 2 hours!! I wasn't aware that it's not typical to get blown dry & styled after the cut, since my previous salons always did this for me.

She said my layers were extremely out of wack, that there was too much length between them. I told her to keep it long, but to use her own judgement (to an extent - hey, she knows what shes doing, right?) to make it look better.

She cut my hair that I was able to touch behind my back, to the middle of my back or maybe a little longer, slightly past my shoulder. I had no idea she was doing this, since the front is angled.

She made my layers choppy, and uneven on either side of my head. She even expected me to leave the salon located in a MALL with a wet head!!!! I wish she would have just told me she didn't know what to do with my hair texture. She expects me to come back in 5 weeks (her instructions) to "tidy up".

Now that it's dry and I've washed it at home, I am so mortified. I can't leave my hair down, and I can't put it in a ponytail because the layers look so uneven. I am so upset.. I don't know what to do.

I am contemplating going somewhere else and just asking them to cut all of my hair up to the shortest layer, one length all around, about up to my shoulder, so I can atleast put my hair back without looking like I took scissors to my own head!

Sure, it's feels better with all the dead weight off, but I'm so miserable... My long wavy hair is gone!

I'm worried they anyone else overcut/chop my hair off. What do I do? Please help!! :cry:
go back and ask to speak to the manager, or at least ring up!!
explain that you arent happy with the cut and ask for someone senior to check it over
sometimes it can be down to mis communication, did you book a blo dry, was it just a wet cut?
mind you two hours??!!!
just contact them, no need to raise your voice or get into a confrontation, the manager should deal with this professionally and quickly for you( i hope)
I would def go back and to get the manger to have a look it should have taken no longer than an hr tops including blow dry, im sure it will grow back in no time though, If i am ever looking for a new salon I would ask around for recomendations!

Hope you get sorted soon
:cry: Oh I so know how you feel!!

I had mine done a month ago :cry: My wedding is in 6 months and I went in with my picture of the cut I had done last time - simply because I KNEW it would grow out nicely by the time the wedding rolls around - The picture I took (well it was about 5 of the same cut on diff angles) showed everything in detail and the last HD to do that cut did it very well........... well :cry: yep this chick murdered my hair.... and like you I cant do a damn thing with it.. I have layers up past my ears when I specifically told her no higher than the base of my head (skull lol)

I went back to the salon and was told by the MANAGER that she couldnt do anything about it, I demanded my money back (which I got) and she was politely told to sitck her head up her bum!

at a loss and with a long rats tail hanging down my back.... I actually went back to the academy where I trained to do nails (they do hair and skin there too) and saught help from a STUDENT.. who managed to bring my hair back to a style that actually does look good enough to be able to live with my hair.....

I still cant do anything with it thou, I look like I have a bowl cut if i put a pony tail in, I look like I have dog ears if its out lol... but atleast I dont have a gosh damn 4" rats tail down my back any more.:eek:
Thanks for the consolation, everyone.

I'm terrified to go back and to be honest, i dont think the managers ever even there - he manages a few salons in the area (which is kinda far from me to begin with) and he's never in. I'd be surprised if he could even do anything, as in cut hair himself...

I don't really care about the money. It was around 50 US dollars and I'm really not in the mood to argue about it at this point!!

The lady who cut mine was supposedly the best in the salon anyway, if you can imagine that!!

I DID bring 5 pictures of the cut I wanted, and boy is it far from it..

I think I'm going to try and enhance my waves/loose curls, and see if the cut seems better, as opposed to my usual blow-dry routine..

Im terrified to have anyone take scissors to it, in fear I may come home with a cut just as bad (or worse!), even shorter.
OMG go back and demand they fix it up for you. Even if you dont care about the money you obviously care about your hair!!!!

You took in a picture and it looks nothing like the pic, take them in with you so they can compare it to what you ended up with.

Dont let them get away with it! :eek:
Go back! Call the salon and if you can't speak to the manager have them pass your number to him for him to call you.
If he manages a few salons he will know the importance of keeping clients happy.

I had my extensions hacked last year. I complained to the salon owner to tried to rescue them but admitted they had been ruined and paid for a new set for me through her insurance.

We wonder why the nail industry doesn't get better - it's the same with hair.
People don't receive the service they should but just put up with it. The only difference is with hair - mistakes are more obvious to the client.

If you get to the manager he should cut your hair int a more manageable style until it grows back to how you wanted it.
OH gosh!

I've been where you are and it's NOT FUN

Go back and demand a refund AND a correction of the 'mess' by the manager his/herself.
Why pay for something that is NOTHING like you asked for PLUS they'll have to make it shorter and since you were growing it out...

But 2hrs to cut it?? Sounds like a novice hairdresser to me.

Good luck and keep us posted.
how does it look ?
is it very heavy on the top? is it thin on the bottom ?
is the top layers short or long ?

it sounds like she has just done a blunt cut on wet hair I should imagine it may be too top heavy
but maybe going thinner at the ends except for the back where she has cut it shorter? (common mistake )

If this is the case you should ask for some weight only do to be chipped out of the heavy top layers only (on dry hair) this will not take away any more length .
Straighten your hair first . this chipping in will soften the top heavy layers a bit and take away the choppy layered look.

this may encourage the wave a bit when wet but it will look better when you blow it into your usual style .
you may also need the ends around the front trimmed to thicken it up if it is looking thin compared to the top layers .
I am only guessing at what she has done but it does sound like the above

Hope this helps :hug:
So.. I couldnt bring myself to go back to the place I had gotten the awful cut from, but..

I DID go to a place a girl I work with recommended, which happens to be in walking distance from my house (not even a block, or 200ft away! it was right under my nose).

It was the cheapest haircut i've EVER had since I've been an adult at $30 dollars for a wash, cut and blow dry/style.

This is the first time I can ever say I can actually replicate the look I left the salon with - I am completely amazed.

She agreed my cut was awful, and from what I could understand she kept my length and added lots and lots and lots of layers in between all the mess, evening everything out. She angled in my bangs some more, and well, my hair looks even longer than it did before!!

I am so thrilled!! I had just gotten used to being an ugly duckling, and I'm so greatful to all of you geeks who really pushed me to suck it up and do something!!

If it weren't for you guys I probably would have worn my hair up in a bun for god knows how long until it was down to the floor! lol

Thanks so much!!! :hug::hug::hug:

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