Shellac pink shade help!


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Jul 5, 2011
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Ok ladies I have a client who wants pink Shellac with a special occasion. I did her a load of samples. However there still isn't one that's suitable. She liked Rose Bud, She liked Rose Bud + Moonlight & Roses, she liked M & R. However she wanted something less pink the Rose Bud but more colour then M & R. I was thinking if Beau on itself or mayb layered with M & R! Any thoughts? X
What about Rose Bud layerd with Strawberry Smoothie this is a beautiful pink.
How about strawberry smoothie with m&r.

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I'm not sure, think i will check my combinations to see if I have done those but I think she will say they r too pink. What's Beau like? X
Try iced cappuccino with strawberry smoothie
Beau is very subtle and is a nice peachy base for French it has a bit of sparkle as well x
I wouldn't class Beau as a 'pink' it gives the nail more of a natural glow rather than a solid colour.
You could try 1 coat of strawberry smoothie?
I made a baby pink by layering 2 very thin coats of romantique over one of hot pop pink. It's the picture on the cover of my album with the black cherry blossom print over it.
1 coat of beau over 2 coats of romantique gives a very pale shimmery pink
Gotcha layered with moonlight and roses is a nice pretty pink
Vicki xx
I would try her with strawberry smoothie layered with m&r? I would be asking her if she is wanting it opaque or sheer aswell. Does she have an old polish she is trying to match or something? If she does you could get this from her and use that to try and copy the colour. Sometimes clients aren't great at describing colour.
I have a couple of ladies who have Rosebud with Beau over the top. If your lady wants a shimmer or pearly colour, using Beau won't offer that, nor Romantique. It's a matte colour, but it really takes a lot of the pink out of Rosebud

As someone else said, Rosebud with Straw Smoothie is lovely, a beautiful pearl (if that's what she wants), still fairly pink though but light hth x

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