Shellac top coat over Minx


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Mar 9, 2011
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Milton Regis Kent
Hi everyone is it ok to put shellac top
Coat over minx and if it is do you use base coat as well
Hiya, I'm afraid I don't know the answer but as you've not yet had a reply can I suggest you use the search function. I know this has been asked before and some geeks do use the top coat but I'm not sure if base is needed. The answer is on here somewhere though xx
I just use the topcoat without the base and get a full 7-10 days wear (I'm a terrible one for pushing the free edge of my nails though!)

I know some do use both, why not have a play for yourself and see how you get on?
I have minx on at the moment with Shellac base and topcoat over its been on 3 weeks today! And thats with doing loads of Pedicures since the sun has come out def lasts longer on me! There have been previous threads on here or maybe in the Shellac Lovers group x
I asked Sweetsquared this question and they said yes, you can put just top coat over Minx. I posted this in the Minx Lovers group.
Thankyou everyone for your replies will certainly have a go want them for my holiday nails ;-)

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