Shellac wiping off help!


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Jul 27, 2010
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west yorkshire
I did a set of shellacs the other night and the colour started to come off when I did the final wipe with Dsperse - I spoke to the very helpful girls at Sweetsquared and they said I hadn't put the top coat fully over the colour - but am now a bit nervous of it which is a shame considering I amone of the lucky ones who actually has the base coat, any tips would be greatly appreciated to help me restore my confidence!:green:
Is the colour wiping off on the sides? Make sure you apply the base and top completely over the whole nail or that will happen. Getting sloppy with either base/top will cause that to happen. Make sure you cap the edges with them too! I had that problem and took me a while to figure it out :)
Grab a friend to practice on, print out a copy of Geeg's step by step guide in the Articles section and go through it line by line and do it. Then you'll have perfect Shellaced nails and your confidence!

Good luck
As long as you get your top coat over the coat you will not remove color at all with the D-sperse ,

I can go over mine with acetone and it won't come off , why? Because Its not enough time for the " tiny tunnles" to fill ,

What am I talking about? There is a vid that the clever clogs of CND has made to explaine , if you watch it and understand the product that will give you confordence!

Then practice on your self , not want to on fingers? Do your toes x

YouTube- Tiny Tunnels - Shellac Removal
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I had this happen to me. As said you need to take the top coat right to the edge. Make sure you've got enough light.
Thank you everybody I am just going to do a client set of gels tonight and then do a shellac on myself to regain confidence:green:

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