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May 21, 2010
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The North. UK
Way hey I'm so excited I have just ordered my Shellac base coat and some more colours so I can now start advertising it in the salon.:) I did the course about a month ago and have been waiting for the Lamp (got lamp a couple of weeks ago) and base to come in.
Just a few questions for you fellow geeks
How much do you charge for a shellac manicure?
How much for a shellac file and polish?
How much for a shellac french polish?
How much for removal with re-polish and without?
I know it goes by what area you live in but just like to get a general idea as I don't want to undercharge or over charge.
I charge £12.00 for a manicure which takes me about 30 mins and if a french polish is required I add £2.00
Thanks in advance:)
I charge the following prices:

Shellac fingers - £25
Shellac toes - £30
No extra charge for French
Shellac removal - £10
If the client wants a full manicure or pedicure I add £10 for the Shellac to the usual charge.

Look at the competition and price yourself accordingly. Do not undercharge for this or anything else!
All your questions have been answered in the Shellac Lovers group. Why not join others who are Shellacking the world by clicking on 'groups' and browsing the helpful threads there.
Thank you. I will browse the threads now:)

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